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Lies Dark As Night (Chapter 2) (standard:Creative non-fiction, 945 words) [2/4] show all parts
Author: BurnAdded: Apr 03 2012Views/Reads: 1731/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Adelle is a hot shot hunter who was sent to earth to ensure that Eran behaves himself. Will she be able to fight his charm?

(Eran's POV) 

The day dragged on since I first ran into that hell cat, and I was
hoping I never ran into her again. Although, deep inside I knew that it 
was only wishful thinking. After all, she did say she had been created 
to destroy me. I gritted my teeth, and shot a glare up toward the 
heavens. They are black-mailing me, but no one would take the word of a 
fallen half-breed angel. My anger spiked, and a violent hiss escaped my 
lips. My best friend, Ron, looked up at me curiously as we walked down 
the hall way. 

Ron was shorter than me, but was by no means any less a player than I
was. He was blond, with a killer smile that could make any guy want to 
befriend him, and drove the ladies wild. He was my right-hand man, and 
without him I don't know what I would do. He knew everything about me. 
Well, almost everything. He didn't know that I was a fallen angel, or 
that I murdered helpless people in the middle of the night just to feed 
my lust for blood. I couldn't tell him these things, or the hunters 
would come for him too. I shot a quick glance toward him, and grunted. 

"What's with you?" He asked, arching an eyebrow curiously at me. I
hesitated. What should I say? Go with a broad explination, and leave it 
open for his own interpretation? It was worth a shot. I shrugged my 
shoulders once, and answered "A girl. She's being a bitch, and I can't 
figure out what to do with her." 

It was the truth. Some what. Like I said, it was open for his own
interpretation. Ron nodded, and replied "Ah, the life of a player. It 
is a path of great trial sometimes." He hung his head, and put on a 
face of mock disappointment before shaking his head, and laughing 
softly. It earned a chuckle from me as well, but something caught my 
eye. I spun around on my heels, my intensified senses going haywire for 
a moment. Then it hit me. 'The hell cat must be playing with my mind.' 

I was about to storm off to find her when the head cheer leader bumped
into me. I startled back, and looked down to find her books scattered 
across the floor. "Oops. Didn't see you there." She flashed me a hot 
smile that shot a wave of desire through me that shouldn't be there; 
not to mention blood that was rushing to parts of my body it didn't 
need to be. I groaned mentally, and watched as she bent over to pick up 
her things. I could see right down her shirt. I could feel a bulge 
raising behind my zipper, so I quickly tore my gaze away from her. 

'Interesting. I didn't know a fallen angels body could react that way to
a girl.' 

The voice was in my head. Not just a voice, but the hell cats voice. How
was she doing that? Ron elbowed me in the side, and hissed "Help her 
pick up her stuff, man. What the hell are you doing?" As if the trance 
had been broken off me, I fell to one knee, and picked up her English 
book, and her Math Concepts book. "Thank ya, stud. I'm throwing a party 
on Saturday. You're invited." She winked flirtatiously at me, and took 
the books I offered her. I managed to muster up a smirk, and nodded my 
head "I'll think about it." 

Her giggle sent another rush of blood through me, but I tried to control
it's effects on me. Hell cat was nearby, and I wasn't about to give her 
any more ammo on me. 

(Adelle's POV) 

For a previous angel, and bearing vampire blood, he wasn't very intune
with his senses. I watched him from the shadows, a mocking grin at the 
corners of my mouth. Little did he know that I have been watching him 
for a few days before I appeared to him. I was going to learn 
everything there was about him. I was going to be his shadow. I was 
going to report my findings to the boss man up above, and I was going 
to destroy him when the time was right. From the looks of things, it 
wouldn't be long. 

My powers allowed me to pry into his subconscious, though I dared not
look too far. After all, there were things I simply did not want to 
know about him. The stuff that was buried underneath years of playing, 
and killing was something I did not want to get into. So I simply 
didn't dig that far. I merely scratched the surface. Dirty thoughts 
began to run through his mind as the blond bent over. I could help 
messing with him. The look on his face was pure shock. 

I merely laughed, before turning away. 

I had to find new clothes, something that wouldn't scream 'Huntress!' or
more commonly than not, 'Gothic freak!" I would have to kill some one 
if they saw who I really was. A sadistic grin cross my constitution 
once more. Yet, no one else would know my little secret. Eran had done 
well to hid his secret from the world, but there was one entity he 
could not hide from. No matter where he went, I would find him. 

No matter where he hid, I would find him. No matter how much he
repented, how much he begged for mercy, how much he asked for 
salvation, I would find him, and kill him. 

Ladies and gentle men, I am a killer.


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