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Firstnet (standard:horror, 1762 words)
Author: Lev821Added: Apr 17 2012Views/Reads: 1365/794Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There’s a new phone available. DO NOT BUY IT.

Even though he was on time, he still hurried as though he was late,
worried that for once, his train might leave early. He always seemed to 
be worried about something, as there was always slight anxiety within 
him. Surely something would be wrong if there was nothing to worry 
about. He had an appointment in Chester to negotiate a building 
contract, and if he impressed them with his proposals, then his company 
was set make thousands, and he knew that a tidy bonus would be his 
reward, as well plenty of kudos and a step up the career ladder. He was 
ready to step into a superiors shoes the second they turned their light 
off in their office before moving on, and was in prime position to 
backstab, or be stabbed. He almost felt like a teenager getting his 
first job, even though he'd been there for seven years. His networking 
and shaking of right hands had helped him get towards the summit at a 
prompt rate. It was almost a guaranteed shoe-in for him for second in 
command, so he knew he had to fire on all cylinders. 

Lime street station was busy. People milled in all directions, coming
from recently arrived trains, or going to those soon to leave, or just 
generally waiting around, eating their purchases from the shops and 
reading the newspapers or books while they waited for departure. 

He crossed the wide area to the ticket office and joined a queue. As he
waited, he looked around, and his eyes came to rest on a little stall 
set up just near the centre of the station. It was basically a desk 
with a large board behind. Across it was written: 'FIRSTNET', and below 
was information on mobile phones. Some were for sale. Now that's 
something I need, he thought, an updated one. The one he used currently 
was two years old. Even from where he stood he could see they were the 
latest models. 

Leaving the queue he approached two bored looking men behind the desk.
They both wore black suits and one, who looked to be in his early 
thirties was leaning back on a metal chair eating a cheeseburger. He 
put it down and sat properly when he saw Paul Cope looking at the 
phones. He stood up and put on his official greeting voice: "Hello sir, 
can I help you?" "Well, basically yes," said Paul. "I'd like to buy a 
phone". "Certainly". 

After five minutes, Paul had rejoined the queue and occupied himself
while he waited by trying out the different gadgets the small 
contraption had. It beeped and flashed, flashed and beeped, and he 
promised himself he'd work it all out on the train to Chester. He got 
his ticket and found that his train was leaving in two minutes from 
platform five. 

Anthony Moss watched him with interest, eating the last of his burger,
saw him show his ticket to pass through onto the platform, and then 
disappear from view. His companion Lesley Pascale, sat beside him, 
leaning on the table, not looking at anything in particular, said: "Do 
you want to ring him?" "Me? Are you sure this is going to work?" "These 
phones have been tried and tested. Ring him up, but not from here 
though, outside or somewhere". "And I can tell him anything? I can tell 
him to do something and he'll do it". The other man nodded. "Yes, it's 
a normal phone otherwise, but only when rang from a similar one will it 
work". The younger apprentice picked up one of them and looked at it in 
fascination. "Tell him to empty money from a nearby cash machine, then 
bring the money to this desk. Then tell him to get back on the train, 
and forget the last ten minutes". "Will that work?" "Oh that'll work". 
The man stood up and walked outside, finding a quiet space in a doorway 
that was seemingly never used where nobody could hear what he was 
saying. He tapped in the number. Paul was sat toying with his new 
phone, in an almost empty carriage, next to a window when it rang. He 
looked at it for a few moments, wondering who on earth it could be, 
then answered it. "Hello, Paul Cope speaking". "Paul," came the voice. 
"I want you to get off the train, go to a cashpoint and draw out as 
much money as possible, and take it to the people who sold you the 
phone. Then get back on the train and forget everything from the minute 
you bought your ticket". It was then cut off, and Paul slowly put away 
the phone and stood up, picked up his briefcase and left the train. In 
the station were three cashpoints, and from two of them he could 
withdraw from his account. 

Anthony had spoken not only to Paul, but to the subconscious region of
his mind where hypnotism has its effect. A sensor had been built in to 
each mobile phone that resembled a tiny crystal. It conducted through 

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