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Evil Resides Here (Ch2) (standard:fantasy, 2841 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: BurnAdded: Apr 25 2012Views/Reads: 1083/683Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I awoke with a cry of horror, and flung myself forward. Something tugged harshly at my wrists, and forced another scream to dance upon my lips. My mind couldn't comprehend...

Chapter two: No Better than a Brigand 

I awoke with a cry of terror, and flung myself forward. Something tugged
harshly against my wrist, and forced another scream to dance upon my 
lips. My young mind couldn't comprehend where I was. I didn't know I 
was cuffed to a wall with chains that weighed as much as I did. My 
emerald eyes flicked around the dark cell as I squinted to find a way 
out. To my horror, there wasn't a door.  The fear of being buried alive 
terrified me, and pushed another whimper from me. The pain in my face 
was throbbing, and my tongue was swollen to the size of a ball. My ribs 
screamed, and I just wanted to die. I longed for this nightmare to be 
over. I longed for mother, and for Fiona, but I knew deep down in my 
heart that mom was left all by herself, and Fiona could not be saved 

Because of my actions she lost both children within the course of one
night. Finally giving in to my six year old brain, I hung my head and 
wept until I could no longer cry. Then I allowed the dark cloud to 
carry me away again. 

Light from above flooded the cell, and earned a hiss from my lips. A
gruff face convoluted with laughter stared down at me. I blinked up at 
him, confusion washing over me in wave. Who was he? “Hey there, 
sleeping beauty. I roughed you up pretty bad back there, didn't I?” He 
gave a shrug with his bulky shoulders. Blinking against the glare of 
the light I tried to think back to yesterday. They had come for my 
sister. We tried escaping, but it proved to be a fool's errand. The 
sticky remain of blood on my face reminded me of my encounter with this 

So I must be in jail. 

The guard seemed to read my mind for he grinned with malice, and jingled
the keys to my bounds above my head. “Good news, boy. You get out of 
this cell today.” There was a pause, followed by a bout of laughter. 
“But there's more! The Overlord is providing you with a sentencing 
today.” Fear flashed through my eyes as I shrank as far back as the 
cell wall allowed me. The guard laughed before lowering a slave in the 
cell to unlock the cuffs. As soon as the cuff's resistance gave I fell 
into a crumbled heap on the ground. 

“Get him up.” Spat the guard, and the servile acted. Without regard for
my battered wrists, he gripped my arms, and tugged me to my feet. I 
cried out, but stopped short upon hearing something hiss through the 
air above me. The servile tensed, and shot me a warning discreetly. My 
gaze traveled up to see the guard with a whip in hand. I told myself to 
be quick about it because even though I have never felt the sting of 
the lash, I've seen the horrifying wounds they could inflict. The 
grueling images of my mothers' patients popped up into my mind. 
Silently, I waited for the shackles to be slapped on my raw wrists. 
Fire shot through my arms, but I resisted the urge to scream. I didn't 
want that thing slicing into my flesh. In the back of my mind I thought 
they were allowing me to go home now. 

Little did I know how wrong I was. 

“My name is Captain Grief. You treat me with respect, and I just may let
you live to see another miserable day.” 

Anger cut through me like a hot knife through butter. I opened my mouth
to challenge his statement, but another glare from the servant stopped 
me. Grudgingly, I looked down at my feet, and answered “Yes, sir.”  
Captain Grief tugged my chin up roughly to make me stare in his 
snake-like eyes. “Good lad. Now move.” With that, he gave me a hard 
shove toward the walk-way that was suspended five feet above cells just 
like my own.  My eyes darted across my surroundings looking for a 
possible escape route, but everywhere my eyes met spelled out more 
terror, more horror, and more pain than a six year old should have to 

All the guards were tall, muscular, and very intimidating. They carried
huge broad swords that were deadly sharp, and bow and arrows strapped 
to their back. Each guard was an expert shooter, not to mention the 
discovery of fire arms. I only saw a few guards who held the deadly 
weapon in their belts. This knowledge failed to comfort me however. 

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