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DOUBLE-BILL (standard:Flash, 1398 words)
Author: Danny ZilAdded: May 20 2012Views/Reads: 2421/1477Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This guy's plannin to jump off a ledge but a kindly Cop manages to bring him down.


Man I just loved the view from my tenth floor apartment at two in the
mornin. All them warm lights out there in the darkness at other 
windows. All the late nite traffic swishin by. An best of all, the ole 
Brooklyn Bridge. Lit up like a Christmas tree with them fancy lights 
strung out between the tall girders, hangin like pearl necklaces. 

Yeah, one helluva view. Unless you were sittin on one of the narrow
ledges outside the block like I was with your legs danglin in space an 
the wind whippin at you. Glued by fear to the fuckin spot. With my 
window an auto length away. The spot deliberately chosen so there was 
no way back. Only now I wish there was since I've changed my mind about 
jumpin. Movin to Canada seems a better option. At least I'd be landin 
at an airport instead of landin on a sidewalk. 

So why was I sittin there terrified? Simple. Because I owed the biggest
psycho in Brooklyn the modest sum of 20K. Yip, 20K. Twenty thousand 
fuckin dollars. All lost on a sure-fire coke deal that fell thru. Just 
like I'm sure-fire gonna fall thru that sidewalk way down there. 

Zybo was Brooklyn's main dealer an he didn't take prisoners. Owe Zybo
10K an the repayment plan was that he took your hand. And not to shake 
it. Which meant I was lookin at two of them artificial ones. 

Alright they're pretty good these days I'll admit. You can pick things
up an even hold a knife an fork with them. So I could get by feedin 
myself an wipin my ass but suppose one of the fuckers jammed up 
unexpected when I was tossin myself off!? Christ I wouldn't need the 
hospital, I'd need the fuckin garage! Yeah I can just see it when I 
pull into Rudy's in the Ford...“Hey Rudy, can you get one of the guys 
to take a look at the starter motor – fuckin thing keeps jammin up. Oh 
an can he take a look at my right hand as well – fuckin thing's jammed 
up too. Around my dick!”...Christ the boys would love that one. 

Just as the small crowd way down there was lovin this one. How they
loved the drama of a jumper. Even if it meant haulin themselves outa 
bed at two in the mornin to watch. Like gettin up to watch a movie 
repeat they really liked. I could see them down there in a semi-circle. 
Coats or dressin-gowns pulled on over pyjamas. All waitin for tonite's 
movie repeat – me. I can just imagine the wisecracks floatin round. All 
they needed was popcorn an Coke. 

I can see a ripple in the crowd down there as the Cops arrive. Four of
them. See them look up. They have a chat. One of them's gotta come up. 
I see a figure cross the street an enter the block. 

Five minutes later he sticks his head outa my window. Young guy. Grins.
“Hi buddy,” he says. “Mind if I step out?” 

“Be my guest,” I told him. 

First thing I noticed was the rope tied round his waist. The rest coiled
in his hand. Good lookin strong rope it was. I liked that. He stepped 
out an glanced down then waved to the small crowd. I heard a ragged 
cheer. Christ, is this Spiderman? 

He sat down on the ledge. Very casually. Like he was sittin down in
front of the TV. I liked this guy's confidence. 

“Mind if I get a bit closer?” he asked. 

“Sit on my fuckin lap if you want!” I replied. 

He grinned and shuffled closer. “Scared?” he asked. 

I nodded. 

“Changed your mind?” 

“Pretty much so,” I said. 

He held out the coiled rope towards me. I took it eagerly like he was
handin me a winnin lottery ticket. Eased it round my waist. Tied a good 
secure double knot. Unsurprisingly I kinda felt better after that an 

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