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getting over after break-up (standard:romance, 613 words)
Author: azzir1Added: May 22 2012Views/Reads: 1829/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
How to get over after break-up? And how to cope with it

A relationship can be a success if its outcome is like a fairy tale -
...and they live happily ever after. Nonetheless, it is possible too 
that many relationships become a failure. For a reason that both 
parties have different prerogatives, infidelity arises, 
misunderstanding comes in, disagreement dives through or both have 
dissimilar cultures. Whatever it is, getting over in a relationship 
equates to getting hurt. 

The fact that your partner changes overtime and how days have gone by,
the memories you have with your partner remains intact, untouched  
fresh and still ingrained in your brain. And you keep on remembering 
those until it breaks your heart again. Thinking those joyous, happy 
memories make your heart stabbed a million times. Recalling your 
laughter together makes you put into tears all of a sudden. Remembering 
your crazy moments with each other makes your soul in agony. And 
imagining your partner's genuine, shrewd smile makes you long for him 

But hey, wake up! The relationship is over. You let go because the
relationship is working no more. You give up because you can no longer 
take the pain of getting hurt due to your partner's attitude, 
dishonesty, or worse infidelity. 

Instead of ending up into self-pity as to why your partner treated you
that way, be glad because surely, someone better is yet to come. Get 
over it. It does only mean that you deserve better than him. Remember, 
there is always a good reason as to why the relationship has ended. 
Having an ended relationship provides you room for growth. It gives you 
lesson on choosing the right partner you really wanted to be in the 
future, and it teaches you on how to build and handle a relationship 
better to make it successful next time. On the same way, ending up a 
relationship helps you meditate on the mistake you have done or what's 
lacking behind, thus making you more responsible for the next 

So what are the tips on getting over after break-up? 

God has a reason why the relationship ended. And only he knows. But
surely, He knows what's better for you and if who truly deserves you 
most. Remember, you are special in His eyes. Acceptance is a must. 
Accept the fact that the relationship is over. 

Collect all the things that remind you of your partner  your pictures,
gifts, memorabilia, accessories, etc. Gather them all together, put it 
inside a box and put the box where you can rarely or you cannot see it. 

Think of the reasons why you gave up on your partner. His mistakes,
personality, dishonesty, infidelity, etc. This will strengthen you to 
be firm with your decision. 

By the power of your imagination, gather all your precious memories with
your partner. For the last time, recall all those memories. Now, slowly 
put it inside a sack using your visual imagination, tie it up together 
and place it into a dig hole under the soil. Before putting a soil, be 
sure to put rocks on it then the soil. This imagination is a vow to 
yourself that you have already sealed the memories and you promise to 
no longer visit and think of those memories again. This prevents you 
from getting hurt. 

If loneliness really strikes, pray to God. Talk to him wholeheartedly.
By then, you will understand why He allowed it to happen. 

And lastly, hey you! You are beautifully and uniquely created by God.
Pretty sure, you are strong, wise, and totally gorgeous. There is 
nothing like you in this world. So stand up, waive the banner and be 
the best of what you can be. The best is yet to come. 


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