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...AND SO I OPTED NOT TO GREET YOU A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (standard:Inspirational stories, 851 words)
Author: azzir1Added: May 23 2012Views/Reads: 1517/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mother knows best – an old adage I’ve been hearing since I was in preschool.

Mother knows best – an old adage I've been hearing since I was in

In school, we taught that mothers are the light of the house. And they
have an extreme role because they do household chores and taking care 
of the kids. They do the budgeting as to suffice family's needs. And 
when problem strikes, they are always there to support their husbands. 
Indeed, mothers possess these traits which include humility, 
perseverance, obedience, forgiving quality, kind heartedness and a 
loving heart. 

As to my case, honestly though, I never had such ultimate affection
towards my mom. Probably because she never supported me that much 
during my elementary and high school days. Whenever there was a school 
meeting, she rarely joined. Whenever I participated in a contest, she 
was not present during competitions. And instead of encouraging me to 
be the best of what I can be, I could feel that she often supported my 
older sister instead. Favouritism, I lamented! 

My appreciation for her became worse when I was sent to school, miles
away from my family. It was when I pursued my college degree. Since I 
was very far from home, I took care of myself alone when I was sick, 
and I encouraged and comfort myself when I was down. I acted a mother 
on my own self. I could not even feel the caress of her motherhood. 
Whenever mother's day strikes at the month of May, I could not feel the 
longing and the love that others have felt towards their moms. How 
awkward it would be if I would greet her in an insincere way. So I 
opted not to. 

After earning a bachelor's degree, I got a job and was assigned in the
place where my hometown was just quite near. I was back in my home 
again. But with my independent attitude, I opted to rent a house of my 
own. I felt like living all by myself, deciding on my own, and going 
through life's journey without taking into account my family's consent. 
I enjoyed life to the fullest, sending some cash to my siblings, and 
doing the best of what I could offer to my work. 

Things have ultimately changed. I realized that my current work is not
the work I dreamt of having in the future. I wanted to be of service to 
others. I wanted to help the people. Thus, I enrolled in law school. I 
became exhausted in my work, and decided to give up the lucrative 
career I currently have. My family did not support me on my decision 
but never did I expect my mom to be the person to support me instead – 
to give up the lucrative career and find a job that's not so 
time-demanding so that I can continue my law school, a job that will 
not compromise my health and safety. For the very first time of my 
life, I have never felt such gratitude to God for giving me my mom. I 
thought of having her as the only person who supported me on my 

I have felt more of her love when during my unemployment stage, she
never missed to message me of her inspiring words for me to go through 
life's challenges.  She messaged me day and late at night just to 
assure if I am okay. 

Then, I realized of how fool I was to be blinded by my anger, that I
missed to appreciate the details of how she sacrificed herself because 
of her love to me. I failed her consistent effort on waking up early in 
the morning to prepare a breakfast and how she stayed late in the 
evening to assure that our uniforms were well compressed. Also, I tend 
to underestimate how she helped dad by working as a cook to suffice me 
and my siblings' basic needs. And that I regret so much. During my 
glorious, lucrative days, instead of giving her gifts, I tend to forgot 
her. No matter how I wept, time won't go back, nothing will happen. 
Through up especially in my down moments, she's always there. She's 
there to catch me when I'm about to fall. Before, I disregard the idea 
that at any time, her warm embrace is always ready to comfort me. And I 
comprehend that no matter how strict moms can be, they still inherent 
the quality of being a mother – kind, generous, humble, helpful, loving 
and sincere. 

Thus, to the upcoming victory of life, I now know where to offer it. To
my mom – whom I failed to greet a happy mother's day for so many years, 
whom I thought never cared of me, whom I soon realized that she is what 
I've got, my number one fan and my greatest mentor. My mom, whose eyes 
abound with love, and whose smile encourages me to never give up and to 
soar the highest peak possible. 

To all mothers in the world, we are so fortunate to have you at all
times in our life. May your goodness shine fort. You deserve a 
resounding, infinite applause. 


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