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The Beauty and the Monster (standard:fairy tales, 2098 words)
Author: EponineAdded: Apr 12 2001Views/Reads: 2595/1375Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story which I wrote based upon a 1775 play by a French noblewoman which I have read. Currently I am unable to locate the exact address of the play, but contact me, or use the title I have provided (they are the same). As following notes, this

The first day Phanor had seen Sabina, he had fallen in love.  Sabina had
been sitting under a tree, with her best friend, Phedima, woefully 
imparting her life.  An orphan, the girl's guardians were forcing her 
to marry a man whom she hated, or so she said.  Now, one thing about 
Sabina was that she was quite beautiful.  She had golden blonde hair, 
and deep blue eyes to match.  Her voice sounded like crystal, and it 
was as smooth as running water.  Phedima he hardly noticed, with her 
dark brown hair and eyes.  Her voice was only as sweet as a lark's 
song, and she stood about a half foot shorter than Sabina. 

Now, Phanor, listening to the two girls, had a plan.  If he could manage
to have them come to his palace, which indeed was an asylum for the 
unhappy, he perhaps could soften Sabina to his hideous figure, and 
maybe she would love him.  That was all he needed, companionship, and 
love, from a woman.  And who better than Sabina? 

They began to rise, and walked towards the forest.  Sabina looked near
to an angel.  Phanor's plan would work after all!  They only needed to 
loose themselves in the wood, to happen upon his palace.  Which, to 
shorten this rather dull description, is exactly what took place. 

Phedima decided that they should enter the castle, though Sabina thought
perhaps not.  "Would you rather be eaten by the wolves and other wild 
animals, dear Sabina?" the sensible Phedima asked. 

"We-e-ell, no..." she replied tentatively.  So it was agreed that to the
grand palace of an unknown king they would venture into.  The halls 
were laid with marble, as the columns were made of.  There was a red 
velvet carpet, edged in gold, for them to walk on, and many, many 
delights met their eyes.  Each was led to a separate room which suited 
well to their tastes: for Sabina, there were gowns and jewelry and 
other pamperous items.  Phedima's room was much more simple, with books 
by the ton, and a few gowns, and little jewelry. 

After exploring their rooms, they met again in the hall, wearing the
clothing which had been provided for them, Sabina in a pastel pink, 
Phedima in jade green.  They managed their way through the castle, and 
found a dining hall laid out...just for them.  After supping, the girls 
each returned to their rooms, Sabina to brush her hair one hundred 
times, and Phedima to read one of the great novels on the shelves. 

Several days passed by, each very similar to their first, and still
there was no sign of any master of the palace.  Nor was there a trace 
of servants, yet everything was kept meticulously clean and in order.  
Until one day, while Phedima was exploring the grounds, she came upon 
Phanor, in the garden.  She screamed, for never had she seen anyone -- 
anything - so terrible.  Trembling, and trying NOT to look at the 
monster in front of her, she heard a voice, powerful but sad, "So now 
you know who has treated you and your friend Sabina well.  I suppose 
you shall wish to leave me?" 

"Oh! no, my Lord," cried Phedima, not really sure of what to say. 

"My name is Phanor, call me that, if you will," said the grotesque form.
"Why should you not want to leave?" he asked after a pause. 

"I, well, I suppose, because you have been so very nice, and, um, maybe
there something we could do pay you back?" she ended in 
question, and, slowly, braved herself to look up at what she spoke to. 

"I ask for no thanks, but if you really would like to return the favor,
I would be more than happy to have you both stay on," he said in a 
rather gruff tone, but seemed pleased.  "You like to read do you not?" 
he looked down at the book in Phedima's hand, which until now she had 

"Yes.  Do you?"  And Phedima learned much about the monster called
Phanor, and even began to like him, though he was frightful to look at. 
 After that, Phanor and Phedima visited every day, with Phedima 
relaying her conversations to Sabina.  Sabina had actually not seen 
Phanor yet, and though Phedima thought him kind, she was not sure she 
wanted to. 

Until the day when she was sitting in the parlour, looking out the
window.  She turned at the sound of heavy footsteps, and she stood, in 

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