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MY FIRST JOB (standard:non fiction, 494 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Jun 22 2012Views/Reads: 2415/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Getting my first car was not so easy. but then what is?


”First take this push broom and sweep the sidewalk in front of the
store, make sure you pick up any trash and look out for chewing gum 
spots.  After you finish then come inside and wash your hands, before 
you sweep the main isles and clean the glass of the display cases.  The 
last boy let dust build up on the kick panels under the display cases 
and left fingerprints all over the glass so we let him go.  Got it?” 

This broom pushing and glass cleaning was a long way from the
watchmakers apprentice job I thought I was getting when I went to work 
for the small family owned jewelry and appliance store in my hometown.  
I had pictured myself probing inside the works of high dollar pocket 
watches using a jeweler's loop.  I also saw myself slipping a resized 
gold and diamond ring onto the left hand of some rich young widow.  I 
would make wads of money and have my own car in no time.  Of course, I 
needed to sweep the sidewalk first and get any bits of stepped on gum 
away from the storefront. 

“Be sure you get the broom, dust pan and cleaning rags put away before
we open for business.  We can't have any of our customers falling over 
your equipment or smelling your vinegar soaked rags.  When you are 
finished, go to the basement and find Don he will show you how to use 
the appliance dolly and you can help him un-box and move some of those 
big refrigerators up to the sales area on the second floor.  Be careful 
when moving those up the stairs we cannot have any dents or scratches 
on our floor samples. Don will show you how to lift so you don't hurt 
your back.” 

I was ready to ask what my current work assignments had to do with watch
repairing and ring resizing but instead decided to hold my question 
until I learned how to use the appliance dolly. 

Payday arrived and I was thrilled to receive my first paycheck. It was
apparent I would be using my family's car on date night for some time 
to come after discovering how much of my meager check went to state, 
federal and city taxes. 

“If you keep going the way you are by next year we will have you
cleaning rings and watch cases and then in another year or so if things 
work out you could start working on clocks and the less expensive throw 
away watches.  Being a watchmaker takes a while, you must earn your way 
each step forward just as apprentices did in the old country.  You do 
still want to work on watches, right.  We will have a position opening 
up in appliance repair soon and you can start right away if you would 
prefer that over the watchmaker's apprentice job.” 

Maybe I will get my own car soon after all... 


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