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a secret life (standard:Inspirational stories, 6000 words)
Author: AmlitaAdded: Jul 17 2012Views/Reads: 1673/937Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A lady editor of a reputed magazine secretly gives the glimpses of her childhood days. It shearly showed the rigid Indian village thinking. But the main thing that may leave a reader thinking is, was her real name prerna or rewati? And after her family’s

A  secret  life. 1 

Sunset.  Setting the whole environment orange. Outlining the beauty of
floating clouds with silver! Adding shades to the beauty of all the 
godly things. slow cool breeze playing with the tree leaves as if a boy 
playing with his lady's silky soft hair! Seems the whole world down on 
their feet in open as if competing who can soak in more of the divine 
orange light !  mixed chirping  of birds mixed with children's giggle 
and laugh , giving a fresh breathing back ground music.. seems it's the 
day the whole world came to life.. breathing freely! Hands spread , 
allowing the rays to deeply cleanse their faces, all tense wrinkles 
blown , fading. But here at the 8th floor of this building leaves a 
structure with a different story.. a lady not so tall , but lovingly 
beautiful in a white floral silk knee length gown ,with a waist belt, 
flowing away from her  as if want to play with the wind n elope with 
it, perfectly adding to the her beauty.. The bun tied hair still tells 
the tale of a silky touch.Skin , so soft , one can  hardly resist  but  
play with the melting buttery milky epidermis! One hand holding a paper 
and another a cup of coffee , steaming yet wasn't fit for a breezy soul 
free evening. She, all unaffected by the shallow nature may be. Lifts 
her slim long hand with the paper and smiles with a drop of tear 
trickling down her chin. 


December saw a girl in the lap of a ‘the next candidate' in the race of
a beautifully cruel race , called ‘The life'. Society , a society 
called Indian social life is as simple to solve n stay alive  with 
whispers of rumors and guessing  as getting out of ‘bhulbhulaiya'.if 
you are a born with a gender tag of ‘ladki' , no matter, belong to how 
liberal middle class family, u  ought to face the shrine of the ‘paraya 
dhan ‘ or the ‘duty'tag at points of times. Not to spare collages and 
other social ‘biased free' places too! “ December 5th , a life , then 
unnamed , was welcomed in a small village of odisha, with a jerk of 
doctor (for expanding lungs and ensuring easy breathing), a smile of 
relief of the foetus bearer, and a statement  from  the born's  
grandmother “must be happy!! A girl! This was what you prayed for. 
enjoy ! do hell , bring me some poison instead of sweets”!!  cruel 
,isn't  it! U worship goddess,and then when u see a innocent life who 
might  barely be aware of the fact that she is the ‘fairer not so 
strong' gender, who at all the moment would be treated as a property 
‘paraya dhan' etc etc.. Come on !!even she deserves a life, a life 
where she is the owner of herself.. anyways, forgetting all these 
grievances of being a girl she was accepted.. now named Rewati. 


This little baby like any other child was brought up with all care and
pampering of her mother. Her days was full of affections and a dreams 
from her mother that she would grow up the most beautiful successful 
girl. Her mother never did disclosed her dream to anyone but she wanted 
her girl to grow up working , standing on her own feet and be the only 
girl in village who grew up so successful that she need not stay at a 
place where she was just treated as a foetus bearer but as an 
individual. So unaware of the tuff rigid superstitions of the old 
village Indian family and her mother's dream the child enjoyed her 
childhood with her dolls, friends , and ‘daddi ka kahawat', “big enough 
to start cooking! At this age I was the eldest daughter-in-law in 
family! The faster she learns , the better husband she would get.” 4 
Her mother was to bring another member to her family. She was hurriedly 
taken to a nearby clinic, and the whole way instead of being consoled 
for her pain she was repeatedly reminded “dear please try for a boy 
this time , let my old eye see a son!” Sarcastically ,this was the day 
where rewati  had to learn to add and substract things from her life! 
She got a bother, added to her family, she lost her mother , 
substracted from her life! The little girl , knew a little about death. 
The only thing she knew was , “ma wont dress me up any more, or run 
behind me to make me eat or to tell me stories till I go to sleep or 
make new dresses for my doll!” The fire rose from the sandal wood which 
hid the lady's face. Girl stood watching the things happen, silently. 
She could see her father fire her first and then wipe his tears. She 
could see women around crying. She could see a old lady holding her and 
say “ she was my only daughter. Such a good soul, even before leaving 
she did wanted me to be happy and gave me a gift of a son! ” wiped her 

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