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"The Storm Has Raine" consists of 2 parts.
The average vote over all parts is: 0.00
Total unique voters for this story: 0

The Storm Has Raine (standard:horror, 2602 words) [1/2]
Author: shadowsinflamesUpdated: Dec 11 2003Views/Reads: 2199/1353Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What starts out as an innocent hangout with friends ends with a transformation that will forever rule my life. I have no choice but to follow the path that has been lain before me, the path of blood.
A Storm Has Raine Part 2 (standard:horror, 1869 words) [2/2]
Author: shadowsinflamesAdded: Dec 11 2003Views/Reads: 1472/1116Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Raine and Rod are on the hunt but what they find shakes firmly their belief in immortality.

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