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If you are a writer, and want to submit stories to, this is the section where you find the tools to do it! If you are 'just' a reader of stories, none of the options here are interesting for you.

A quick list of what to do in order to publish a story on this site:

1) Make sure you have an author account. You can create one with the option called "author account(s)" below.

2) Click the "submit" option below and fill out the form with the information regarding your story.

3) Your story should now show up in the submission queue (see the option called "queue" below). Click the "add/replace text" button just below your story to add the actual story text to it.

4) If everything went well, your submission should show up in the queue with the status "OK! Submission complete". After that, all you have to do is wait for the webmaster to check out the story.

  Author tools for account 'guest'
Author account(s) Click here to create a writer account (for story authors, to submit stories)
Submit Use this option to submit a new story for publication on the site.
Queue View the (status of the) stories you have in the submission queue.
Management See all your published stories and their stats. Edit, remove or add parts.

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