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15 minutes (standard:other, 1191 words)
Author: LOWKEYAdded: Apr 18 2001Views/Reads: 2719/1301Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
See the difference 15 minutes can make in a life

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go to his destination. 

He had just come around a deep curve and there in front him were three
highway patrol cars, with the lights flashing. An ambulance was sitting 
idly by with the lights on turning slowly. 

Jack eased the mustang down to almost a crawl, as one of the officers
walked towards him waving his hands slightly. 

Jack rolled down the window and questioned the patrolman "what's the
problem officer"?. The officer said that an airplane had tried to land 
on the road and had crashed killing everyone on board. He preceded to 
tell Jack he would have to take a detour on a road that veered off  
from the main road. The officer smiled as he told Jack " If you had 
been here 15 to 20 minutes sooner that plane would probably have come 
down right on top of you." 

Jack drove off thinking about what the officer had said,  15 to 20
minutes sooner.......... 15 to 20 minutes sooner.............      15 
to 20 minutes sooner.............. 

If that woman had not been in front of his car he would have been there
15 to 20 minutes sooner. 

Less than 30 minutes later he was pulling into his grandfather's
driveway, trying to put the events of  his journey behind him. 

His grandfather had apparently heard the car and opened the door as Jack
was getting out.   Jack hurriedly hugged his grandfather and expressed 
his happiness at being allowed to come and stay for a while. He decided 
there was no need to tell his Grandfather about the incident involving 
the young girl at least not until morning. It would probably worry him. 

After unpacking and settling into his old bedroom,  Jack walked into the
main room or den of his grandfather's house. It was a huge room with 
pictures on every wall. The only light came from a candle on a center 
placed table and the dancing flame of the fire place. A recliner sat 
undisturbed, with an open book on it's arm awaiting the absent reader. 

He'd seen the pictures on the walls before when he was a kid, but they
seemed different now. 

He curiously looked at each picture carefully, acknowledging each
individual by saying their name softly under his breath. There was his 
aunts, uncles, and cousins, spread out along the walls. 

Then as he looked there on the mantle a slight chill went down his
spine. There was a picture of his grandfather, when he had been much 
younger. His grandfather looked like a school kid standing there 
smiling from ear to ear. And there beside him stood his grandmother as 
a teenager. It was the face of the girl who had been in the 
road.........The end 



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