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World peace (standard:other, 1019 words)
Author: Lev821Added: Mar 08 2013Views/Reads: 1781/1536Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The path to peace is strewn with the flesh of enemies.

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If everything had its opposite, if hot had its cold, if light had its
dark, then peace had to have its chaos, and nature had to redress the 

It came subtlety, in people's psyche. The soldiers waiting for the
mythical enemy to appear found themselves needing something to do, to 
address their boredom. Something to do which could not be called 
peaceful at all. 

Yet, it was not them from them whom came the first spark. It was in a
person whose friends and colleagues, and even her herself would have 
said wouldn't hurt a fly. A 74 year-old widow at a classical concert 
evening at a local theatre disagreed with a friend, and took a swipe at 
her, causing a slight scratch on her lip. 

As it was such a strange thing to happen, an inborn aspect of human
nature showing itself, the people there couldn't carry on that night 
and went home wondering what, and why it happened. 

A child pushed over his friend in a playground. An argument in a street
broke out with raised voices and threatening gestures, causing people 
to look at them in wonderment. 

So it went on. It was not gradual, as though nature was keen to get back
to normal, bypassing the evolutionary route. 

Across the course of a year, people's repressed genetic aggressive code,
wrote itself into where it should have been. However, in the course of 
doing so it overreached a state of balance, before retreating to where 
nature had placed it, in the middle, but during that time, people's 
aggression intensified. Throats were cut, heads and limbs hacked away, 
bullets spattering bone and flesh in chaotic states of viscera, before 
normality resumed. Normality which included crime, warfare, aggression, 
and love, and happiness, and cute baby penguins. 

So almost 400 years from your time, nature had restored its balance. 


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