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Everybody is a Free Agent (standard:non fiction, 850 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Feb 03 2014Views/Reads: 7588/731Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The original concept of Free Agent was invented in India; read about it.

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whatever name to deliver the services for which they were paid salaries 

by their employers.  The whole country runs on the model of free 

agency; everybody at their work place was a free agent running their 

own business on the side. 

When the private banks were nationalized decades ago, a dumbest 

idea to start with; the banks were turned into private piggy banks for 

the politicians and the bankers to award loans for kick backs without 

any risk management study of the clients.  The banks were ended up with 

unpaid loans amounting to hundreds of millions for tax payers to take 

the tab. 

The entire agricultural subsidies for irrigation, crop 

protection and land management intended for the farmers goes to the 

local politicians and the government workers in the department to share 

the loot. From village to district to state to federal level, every 

employee is a free agent to charge a fee to deliver a service..  The 

fame for inventing the concept of free agency belongs to India then 

others copied their play book later. 

The private college industry went berserk, hundreds of 

engineering medical, dental; pharmacy and nursing schools mushroomed 

recently without trained staff.  Every admission at these schools is 

for sale for a price. 

At truck scale stations on the highway, the station staff 

issues their own receipts to collect charges on the behalf of the 

government to pocket it. The receipts received on payment were all 

fake. Every staff member at the truck scale station is free agent. 

Most doctors at the government supported public hospitals in 

the country act like a free agent collecting fee for their service. 

At a private hospital, Juggernaut leaned first hand a lot about 

free agent during his travels in India. At a local a private hospital 

recuperating from an illness, the hospital employees from an attendant 

to higher ups behave like a free agent. A tip was expected immediately 

after a service is rendered; say giving a sponge bath, or any help at 

the bed-side including providing a wheel chair or bed-pan. These 

workers were full-time employees of the hospital and yet behave like 

free agents in collecting money on the spot for service rendered. 

Every employee either working for the government or private 

business is a free agent in the country when it comes to render a 

service to the customers. The free agency is a full circle in never 

ending motion going round and round. Collecting a fee from one hand to 

render a service and giving it to another for receiving a service. No 

gain and no loss just frustration. . A free agent mentality prevails in 

every mind across the land. Now Indians want a patent and royalty for 

anybody that copy free agent mentality sine they own the patent and 

perfecting it on a daily basis. 


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