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Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates (standard:romance, 728 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Dec 13 2017Views/Reads: 674/319Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Kylie searches for a present for her mum's birthday without success, until she meets a boy, who unintentionally gives her a helping hand

Kylie found herself fighting off shoppers as she made her way through
the precinct. What was she going to get her mum for her birthday? It 
was the same every year. She ended up getting her something totally 
inappropriate. Like last year, she bought her an umbrella. Her mum 
hated umbrellas. And Kylie didn't even buy it. She found it on the bus. 
She daren't have told her mum that, she'd have gone mad. 

Carrying on through the precinct she saw one of her mates from school
coming towards her. She was going to ask her mate's advice. 

'Hi, Claire, she said to her. 

'Hi, Kylie. What you up to? 

‘Not much. Fancy coming ice skating?' 

‘But it's my mum's birthday tomorrow. I've got to buy her a present?' 

‘You can get that later. Come on. Follow me.' 

The two girls made their way to the skating rink. Kylie really didn't
want to go, but it seemed Claire wasn't taking no for an answer. 

When they got there, they queued for their skates. 

They went whizzing around the rink as though they hadn't a care in the
world. Kylie forgot all about her mum's present, Then Kylie crashed 
into this lad. The poor girl was so apologetic. He just stared at her, 
then asked what she was doing after she had finished skating. Kylie was 
too stunned to answer, when she did say something, she told him she was 
unsure. What she really had to do when she had finished skating was to 
get her mum a present, but she wasn't going to tell him that, was she? 

When Kylie got back to where Claire was standing, she said to her: 

‘Hey, see that lad over there?' 

‘Yeah, I see him.' 

‘Well, he just asked me out.' 

‘So, what you gonna do about it?' 

‘I dunno. I don't think I fancy him that much,' 

‘Well, if you go out with him, I could get stuck with the other one.' 

Both girls had a shock as they were leaving the rink, the two boys were
waiting for them outside. But Kylie had an idea – she started to run 
and before the lads could do anything about it, she jumped on a bus 
that had just pulled in at the bus stop. Fortunately, Claire was right 
behind her. 

‘Wow, that was close. They would have probably have bored us something
silly,' Kylie said, catching her breath. 

‘That would have been fun, I don't think,' Claire replied, looking for a

When Kylie got home she had another surprise – the lad who asked her out
walked up to her as she was entering the street she lived. She looked 
at him confused. Why was he here? Was he stalking her? She didn't 
understand. She was beginning to feel nervous and a bit frightened. She 
was just about to do another runner, when he said: 

‘What are you doing around here? Are you following me?' 

Did she look that desperate? She had better things to do with her time
than follow the likes of him. Anyway, it turned out that they both 
lived in the same street. The reason Kylie hadn't seen him before was 
because he had only moved there a week or so back with his mum and dad. 

As they chatted, a boy passed and said hello to the lad Kylie was
talking to. Kylie noticed how good-looking he was. 

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