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Be My Valentine? (standard:romance, 944 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: May 24 2019Views/Reads: 320/183Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Lucy sends a friend a valentine card, pretending it was from someone else, but it isn't Lucy who has the last laugh. Read more to find out what happens.

Lucy was wondering what to do. She was feeling bored. Come to that, she
was always feeling bored. Then she had an idea. It was getting near to 
Valentine's Day. So she thought she have a bit of a laugh. She decided 
to send her friend, Sharona, a valentine's card, making it look like it 
came from Owen  this boy she fancied. 

When Valentine's day arrived she ran into Sharona on the way into work. 

'Did you get any cards?' Asked Lucy.' 

Sharona looked at her. 

'Yeah, I got a couple,' she lied. In fact, she only got one, and she had
a pretty good idea who that was from. 'How many did you get?' she then 
asked Lucy. 

'Loads,' Lucy replied, But in reality she didn't get any. 

'So, who sent the cards?' Lucy asked Sharona. 

'I'm not tellin.' 

'Well, be like that. See if I care.' 

They carried on into work, and there he was  Owen, looking as handsome
as ever. Sharona knew the card she had received was from him. She just 
knew it. So she started talking to him. In fact, she wouldn't stop. 

'What are you up to tonight?' she asked Owen, hoping he'd come up with
something, being that he had sent her a card. 

'Nothing, well, I've got football practice and me and some of the lads
are going for a drink afterwards.' 

Sharona didn't know how to answer that. So there was only one thing to

'I can always meet you at the pub afterwards, if you like?' She hated
sounding so forward but she didn't know what else to do. 

To her relief, he said, OK.  She felt so happy, even if she did have to
spend the rest of  her shift working with a spotty teenager called 
Wayne, who was staring at her as though she had just landed from 
another planet. 

Standing at the bus stop, after she had finished her shift, all she
could think about was what was she going to wear. One thing she wanted 
to do and that was to impress.  She wanted Owen and she was going to do 
her best to get him. 

After getting off the bus she ran into Lucy, who had somehow, managed to
get a lift towards home. 

'Guess who I've got a date with?' she said to Lucy, with a big grin on
her face. 

'Ain't got the faintest idea,' Lucy answered, pretending that if she did
she didn't really care. 'So, surprise me. Who?' 

'Only Owen. He's gone and asked me out. He's been trying to ask me out
for a long time,' She lied. 

'Yeah, course he has. In your dreams, Sharona. And do us a favour? Get a
a life!' 

After Lucy had left her, Sharona made her way towards home. After having
her tea she went up to her bedroom to change. She took all the clothes 
out of her wardrobe, trying to think what to wear. She didn't realise 
she had so many clothes in there. In the end she decided on a pair of 
torn jeans, a T-shirt and a denim jacket. She wanted to look as cool 
and laid-back as possible. 

After getting dressed she made her way towards the front door. Once she
had opened the front door she noticed it was raining. In fact, it was 
pouring down. Where had that come from? She thought to herself. When 

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