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Redemption and Second Chances (standard:science fiction, 119144 words)
Author: Erwin A.StevensAdded: Oct 20 2019Views/Reads: 139/68Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An old man of the future of the Time Observation Squad risks all, his existence and time itself to change his life and make it better, fixing a mistake and a loss of a lost love over 65 years ago in another time and place.

Redemptions and Second Chances: Nathaniel Miller & Erwin Stevens 

Authors' Notes: This uses a REAL Non-Fiction Timeline, with Actual,
Semi-Fictional, and complete Fictional Events. It is to show the 
differences if time indeed could be changed as portrayed to already 
live lifetimes. No offense is intended to the portrayal of actual 
living or deceased persons in this story. No names have been changed in 
any form to those living and deceased persons for all intensive 
purposes, for complete accuracy. 

Warning: Contains mature and adult situations: Not for younger readers. 

Inspired by "Imzadi" -- by Peter David. 

N.A Miller 

It is the year 2053, a far time in the future. Earth has changed a lot
in the decades that has past, a semi-reserved peace has settled upon 
the land, with some skirmishes in the Middle-East region. Otherwise 
humankind has started to come together as one to embrace a bright 
future as a people. Technology was being put away for war, and used for 
peace, and countries started to work together helping each other, 
rather than annihilating each other in war. It would be a remarkable 
sight that the Earth nations would finally put away their differences 
and help each other in peace.  The world had taken its first sigh of 
relief after decades of turmoil. 

However, it was one person who had lived over seventy-five years that
had not been happy for the last sixty plus years, having missed someone 
dear to him for a long time, and during the transitions of time into 
another decade. He had joined the time observation group, as an 
observer, his mission to traverse time in which he could observe and 
learn from the centuries past, trying to keep busy.  The old man had 
done several missions in the last few years, having seen many times and 
places, deciphering the transport system of an ancient civilization 
from which they breached time and space. He had joined with the 
intention of hoping that something would backfire in their observation 
of time, and he would be killed, meeting his maker.  However, it never 

As he stood many a time in front of the portal, that he often wondered
if he himself could change time for the better, instead of observing. 
He had that ability to intervene if he was allowed to, but the rules 
still stood that no one from the future would be allowed to interfere 
with events that had already happened.  He stared at the gateway in 
silence, and he thought of fifty plus years ago and someone dear to 
him, and wondered if he could change time to return his lost love to 
him by changing history. 

"I have seen enough of history and Star Trekô where it might work." He
murmured, "I wonder..." 

The gateway is a typical type, shaped in a circle that crackles as a
silver and blue energy from which he stepped through into time itself 
when he had a mission. 

The Major was also reminded of Star gate SG-1 from TV a long time ago,
and grimaced that this ancient culture was Egyptian, and found inside 
under the largest Pyramid.  A funny but very ironic coincidence despite 
the seriousness of their research and now protected now deep inside the 
underground sands of Area 51 out in the Nevada Desert, like so much of 
the technology gathered from space aliens had been recovered. 

Major Miller's missions before, using the gate, was to observe history
with his team, but being seventy-five, he could just give a damn too.  
The pain ran deep for something else, a hole in his life after losing 
his second wife to cancer at fifty, leaving him alone for the next 
twenty-five years.  Nathaniel had joined the squad to observe history, 
trying to keep busy after she had passed, and had seen a lot in his 
travels. He had jumped many timelines into history, hoping oblivion 
take him, but something seemed to be nagging at him. 

"Get off your ass and do something to better for yourself." A voice
echoed in his head. 

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