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Character Outline Ihsss T'Larra (standard:other, 1695 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Oct 23 2019Views/Reads: 279/176Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An outline sheet for a reptilian Captain found in GE Chronicles and Yamato Stories.

Character sheet N.A Miller 

Used in Galactic Empire Chronicles, Yamato; The new Adventure serial 

My name is Ihsss T'Larra I am the new Commander of the SS Magellanic
Clouds, commissioned with the Earth Federation in the year 2451 A.D and 
this is my first log entry. Our mission with the Earth Federation is to 
seek out and explore space, defeating our enemies the Cybertron Empire. 

But, as for me, here is a little bit of history about myself. I was
borne in the year 2411 AD on my home planet of Zycor 6 in my home solar 
system of Plazae. (Plah-zay) My home world is the fourth planet of a 
class M solar system with six planets and it is located downspin across 
the universe from SOL and Earth.  I am a brown and white reptilian 
female. I stand equivalent to six feet in height (to a human 
measurement) and I have gray scales and green eyes. I was hatched in 
the capital city, Zyequest. (Zee' Quest) and it is the site of bloody 
conflict of civil war between the green and light green class of my 
people against the others. My class of Thyrnn has been fighting back 
for well over a century against our masters, (what they think 
themselves as). It has been where my class of Thyrnn, with the others 
who are not part of the dominant class of my race, are usually rounded 
up, designated as slaves and servants, or ruthlessly slaughtered by 
laser firing squad. 

We, (The Thyrnn people) are known to be war-like, out of the six classes
on my planet, but we are highly known for our ability in Communications 
and Diplomacy.  The average height of a female Thyrnn on my planet, 
ranging from five-nine to over six feet in height, and from five-five 
to five nine in height (using human measurement) for males. We have an 
upright skeleton, with two forward set eyes, eye color ranging from 
yellow, green, blue, and gold. We resemble the Gecko or Iguana reptiles 
that are found on Earth, but are more like the ancient dinosaurs found 
there too. We have far surpassed and evolved from that ancient 
beginning into a highly intelligent and technical race. Skin color of 
my people ranges from brown and white, gray and white, green and white, 
blue and white, light green and white, and gray and black.  We have 
thin colored scales covering our entire bodies and we do have tails 
like the reptiles found on Earth.  The green and white class, are the 
dominant class of the Thyrnn race, causing a civil war to erupt on 
planet as other classes are persecuted, killed or taken into slavery. 

We have a high technology on our planet, with a fleet of highly
developed ships for interplanetary and space travel outside our galaxy. 
My people have no known enemies other than the Elowan which are a race 
of plant bio-pods in the next system and in which we have fought for 
centuries against them. My people have a strange animosity toward the 
Elowan, and in return they have no love for my people either. It has 
been an ancient galactic war between our planets that does not likely 
to find peace in the next century of fighting.  Which makes no sense as 
the slaughter continues on my planet in a bloody conflict of civil war 
between my own people. We continue to still fight no matter that a 
civil war rages on my planet and against the peace-loving Elowan and 
their colonies in their nebula-like galaxy where they live. 

It was in the year 2431 when our civil war took a turn for the worse,
and I led a revolt against the green class Thyrnn in the autumn of our 
planet. I led the charge against them and raided the space port where 
I, my only daughter, Hi'Mthss T'Larra and a mix of the groups of my 
planet being persecuted, commandeered a Space Cruiser Class Starship 
and we launched into space.  I took charge and commanded the Cruiser 
and attacked our own space fleet and planetary defenses as we barely 
made it into orbit and through the battle-satellites that protected our 
planet from attack.  Here with a fully equipped ship and a range of 
skills outside the Communications as a primary skill we escaped into 
deep space, evading the fleet that hunts even to this day.  That was 
until the Cybertron invaded and conquered my planet and its colonies. 

The Cybertron invaded my planet in the year 2440 and are a war-machine
of cybernetic machines that have dominated the galaxy and like the 
green class of my people, tried to join our classes of people as one 
into slaves. Which was short lived as my people rose up against the 
machine and drove them from our planet. We did not stop until all of 
the Cybernetic machines were destroyed and our people acted as one in 

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