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James Bond and the Encounter with Swurm (standard:action, 2089 words)
Author: 007Added: Jan 01 2002Views/Reads: 2338/1476Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is A James Bond story about an evil agency that sells illegal weapons to anyone and is associating with the Russian Red Army.

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airport parking lot stopped and faced the assassin's car.  009 then 

fired a hellfire missile at the assassin's car and the car blew up into 

charred debris.  He then opened his car door, raised his hands and 

waited for the police.  The police came with there guns raised and 

said, "Freeze, slowly get out of the car and put your hands against the 

car."  After they searched him they arrested him.  009 said, "Call 

(851) 965-0279 and ask for the Prime Minister."  The captain of the 

police force said, "Ha Ha Ha, You don't know the Prime Minister."  009 

said, "I do, call anyway."  The police captain then said, "OK."  He 

called and began to explain to the Prime Minister after five minutes on 

hold.  The Prime Minister said, "Keep this classified, let him go, he 

is a federal agent working for one of my organizations."  The police 

captain then let 009 go.  Then MI6 sent a tow truck to bring 009's car 

to MI6 headquarters for R to repair.  009 then got on his flight to 

Moscow at 09:30 hours.  He landed in Poland for a layover that lasted 

fifteen minutes.  Two assassins boarded the plane disguised as the 

pilot and co-pilot.  They shot at 009 with a 380 pistol, but he ducked 

and fired his Walther PPK at each man right between the eyes.  009 and 

a man who once flew a plane flew the plane until the pilot and co-pilot 

awoke.  009 jumped out of the plane with a parachute on his back and 

landed in a boat and saw a woman in a bikini.  He told her to take him 

to shore, then she said, "How about we stay in my boat and get 

comfortable."  He said, "I am sorry, but I am in a hurry and I am not 

like my friend James Bond."  She said, "I believe I know him."  He 

said, "Well that doesn't suppries me, practically every beautiful girl 

knows him...Very well in fact."  She then took him to shore.  009 

said, "Bye, thanks for the ride."  He walked into SWURM's hideout.  He 

found 004 and 002's body in a trunk.  He took pictures of SWURM's 

headquarters and put plastic explosives on some of the weapons.  He 

shot the terrorist and ran to escape, but the leader escaped through a 

secret escape route and a terrorist came out and shot 009 in the back. 

009 threw the spy cam to an undercover agent above ground and pressed 

the detonator, causing everything to explode including himself. 

(MI6 headquarters London, England) September 10, 2001/10:15 

James Bond walked into M's office and sat down.  M said, "We 

have reason to believe that the terrorist group five years ago called 

SWURM, meaning Special Weapons United with the Russian Malisha are back 

in business and selling illegal weapons to Dictator Reginald 

Karrotski's Russian Red Army.  Your mission is to destroy SWURM and 

it's clients, which may include the Russian Mafia.  Good luck 007." 

007 walked into the Armory section of MI6 headquarters.  R 

said, "This is your new car, a BMW Z3 convertible, it is equipped with 

stinger missiles, machine guns, radar, mines, smoke, grease slick, 

laserflash, a scout system, new and improved armor and security.  It 

can flyand go under water.  It has a parachute and can repair a flat 

tire instantly.  R handed him a package of cigars and said, "These are 

cigars with one 9mm hollow point bullet in each."  R said, "You, have 

your Walther PPK and Walther P99 don't you?"  Bond then said, "Yes, 

Thank you for these wonderful gadgets and weapons."  R said, "007, 

Please, for once try to bring everything back in pristine order."  Bond 

then said, "Don't I always?"  R then said, "Oh grow up 007."  James 

Bond then walked into Moneypenny's office.  James said, "You, look 

prettier every day."  Moneypenny smiled and said, "You look as handsome 

as ever."  She handed him a file on SWURM and a woman named Sara 

Pleasure, who was meeting with SWURM.  Moneypenny said in soft, sexy, 

seductive voice, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"  James 

smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips.  She kissed him back on the 

lips.  They leaned on her desk and James began kissing her face, neck, 

and moving with passion.  M walked in and James and Moneypenny reacted 

quickly.  James leaped and fell on the floor behind the desk and 

Moneypenny stood beside her desk, looking embarrassed.  James got up 

and told M with a smile, "I dropped my files." 

(Las Vegas, Nevada) September 12, 2001/20:00 hrs. 

James Bond flew to Las Vegas in his BMW Z3 convertible and then 

drove it to the la dela de Casino. He went inside the casino and headed 

for the Baccarat table.  He put his x-ray shades on and won half a 

million dollars.  He saw a woman with a .45 in her thigh holster. 

Bond went to the Blackjack table and place a hundred thousand dollar 

bet and the dealer's cards were two  kings, and Bond's cards were an 

ace and a king, so Bond won.  The dealer got two kings and Bond got two 

aces, then said, Hit me Bond got a king and said hit me again and got 

a queen and went over with 22, so he lost.  Bond then raised his 

bet to five hundred thousand dollars and the dealer got a queen and a 

five of hearts.  Bond then got a ten of clubs and a queen, the dealer 

hit and got a nine of diamonds and went over with 24.  Bond left the 

table and claimed his one million dollars.  He went to the bar and 

said, "Can I buy you a drink" to Sara Pleasure.  She said, "Yes, I'll 

have the strawberry daquiry, my name is Sara Pleasure."  Bond said, 

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you too Miss Pleasure." Bond put 

cigarette in his mouth and said, "The name is Bond..James Bond." 

He then ordered his vodka martini shaken, not stirred and Sara's 

strawberry daquiry.  He told her, "I'm interested in a job for your 

brother."  She said, "How do you know about that?"  He said, "I have 

my sources."  She then took him to her brother Bill Jacob's mansion. 

He told Bill that he was up for hire and Bill told him to kill the new 

009, so 007 talked to MI6 and 009 about a plan.  007 shot 009 in the 

chest, but 009 had a bullet proof vest on and faked his death and a 

fake ambulance picked him up and took him to MI6 headquarters. 

James Bond went into Bill's secret office and found two billion dollars 

and records on his trade with Dictator Renigold Karrotski in a safe. 

Bill was sending the dictator of Russia nuclear and biological weapons 

that he built for millions of dollars.  He also found two bombs.  He 

disarmed one bomb, when a guard rushed in and he shot at the guards as 

he disarmed the last bomb.  He then took all of the imformation and 

escaped with Sara and drove away in his car.  MI6 sent men to Bill's 

mansion, but he was gone. 

(Moscow, Russia) September 15, 2001/19:00 hrs. 

James Bond went to the dictator's mansion and shot the guards 

in his way with his silenced Walther P99. He then saw Bill Jacob at the 

dinner table with Dictator Renigold Karrotski and shot them both in the 

throat.  Suddenly ten guards surrounded him and forced him to 

surrender.  They locked him in prison and told him he would be executed 

tommorow at 1:00 PM.  All but one of the guards left and James Bond 

asked if he could go to the bathroom.  The guard opened his cell and 

James Bond went to the bathroom and removed his cigar that fired a 

bullet and walked out with it in his mouth.  He pointed the special 

cigar at the guard and fired the bullet through the guard's chest, 

where the ribs meet, by lighting the cigar.  He then picked up the 

guard's AK-47 and shot down the remaining nine guards.  He got his 

personal weapons and put a new 30 round magazine in the AK-47.  He ran 

out of the mansion shooting at the last of the guards that were in his 

proximity and drove off to Swurms main headquarters.  He placed remote 

mines in the weapons room and in other places of the building and shot 

at the guards that spotted him with his silenced Walther PPK an P99. 

He found a list of there clients and shot the people in the meeting 

room with a M-16 and got in his car. After he got in his car he 

detonated the mines and drove to a Russian mafia bar.  He went in the 

bar and ordered a vodka martini, shakin, not stirred.  He put had his 

X-ray shades on and saw ten out of fifteen men unarmed that he 

suspected of being with the mob and shot them with an uzi machine 

pistol and the other men and the few woman ran out into the streets. 

He went into a back room and took some weapons.  He started his car by 

remote and drove it to the back entrance away from the police and enemy 

agents.  He got in his car, activated the wings and flew away to MI6 

headquarters London, England. 

(MI6 headquarters London, England) September 17, 2001/08:00 hrs. 

James Bond walked into Moneypenny's office and she smiled at 

him and announced to M that 007 was coming in.  The geen light came on 

and the door to M's office unlocked and 007 went in.  M said, "Mission 

Accomplished, You may have a month of leave James, You may leave now." 

James Bond went to Italy and met a girl named Valintina Marcello. 


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