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Sister's Blood(Chapter One) (standard:horror, 1546 words)
Author: Amanda_C_BrownAdded: Jan 05 2003Views/Reads: 2229/1353Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Kylie Starling will stop at nothing to avenge the death of her older sister, Alexia...Alexia's death and Kylie's avengeful quest is unraveled through the eyes of a young man named Colby Jordan.

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"I didn't want her to steal you, Colby. I knew she wanted you...don't
think I didn't." Emily's face seemed so proud. 

My heart was racing. What was I going to do? "The police have you as
their suspect, you know. Kylie thinks it was you too. You're mom has no 
idea what to think and Natasha thinks Im the one behind it all." I had 
no idea what else to say to her. "You have to leave until your mom is 
ready to take Tamra and Aurora back, they can't be around you right 
now. They'll tell." 

She shook her head. "Aurora and Tamra won't tell if I talk to them
first. They won't say a word to anyone. I'm the one who practically 
raised those two." 

"Fine you can stay but I'm don't know what to do about this all, okay?" 

I don't exactly remember how many days I had Aurora and Tamra, but they
did go back home after more than three weeks. The police 
still had no leads on Emily or anyone else. They searched my house 
twice but luck had it Emily was out both those days. I was heartbroken 
about Alexia's death and torn about what to do with Emily. Though I 
loved her, she had murdered her own sister. 

One evening, a few days after I took Tamra and Aurora back home Kylie
called me up, hysterically screaming. "Tamra says she saw Emily and 
Emily told her she killed Alexia! Do you know anything about this, 

I still couldn't betray Emily. "No, Kylie. No I don't." The conversation
ended and I went into the bedroom, crying. I looked at Emily and shook 
my head. "You told Tamra to tell Kylie, didn't you?" 

She smirked so evilly I didn't know if I could stand it. "Yeah, why?" 

I started to cry harder. "Kylie just called in hysteria because of what
Tamra said to her. Dammit, Emily you need to turn yourself in." 

"I wouldn't do that if my life depended on it...Kylie will come after me
first. This will be one great adventure, Colby." She kissed me after 
she said my name and though I knew better I kissed her back. I was 
going to be dragged into this. 

The following morning there was a knock on my door. I went to the door,
opened it and was not at all relieved to see Kylie standing there with 
a sly smile on her face. Before I knew it she pushed past me and began 
searching my house, not saying a word. Emily was out and I wasn't 
worried but I saw a gun come from under Kylie's shirt and I panicked. 
What was going to happen if she ever found Emily? 

Kylie dissapeared into the bedroom and at the moment she came back out
Emily walked through the front door. Emily pulled a gun from beneath 
her own coat, which I hadn't known she had, and fired at Kylie. 
Suddenly a shot from Kylie's gun rang through the apartment and with a 
few more shots fired, both Kylie and Emily fell to the ground in pools 
of their own blood. I screamed and grabbed the telephone, dialing 911. 

I remember sitting that night with Mrs. Starling in the hospital waiting
room...with her and the youngest 6 Starling daughters. Hours went by, 
and still we had no word about either Kylie or Emily. All eight of us 
were crying, and I was frantically thinking about everything that had 
happened leading up to this. Suddenly it was 4:45 am and two doctors 
approached us. Mrs. Starling and I stood up to meet them and hear the 

The first doctor spoke in a tone that no doubt meant one of the girls
was gone. "I hate to bring you more morbid news, but you're daughter 
Kylie is dead." Mrs. Starling broke down in hysteria and began 
screaming. I did nothing but look to the other doctor as tears rolled 
down my face. 

The second doctor finally spoke. "You're daughter, Emily will live but
will not be able to leave the hospital for atleast 6 months. She's in 
critical condition...we've placed her in the ICU." 

I thanked God Emily was fine. I don't know why I still loved her after
all this but I did. Mrs. Starling grabbed my arm and looked me in the 
eyes when she heard the news about Emily. "Did she kill Alexia? Did 
she, Colby?"I paused, unable to speak but finally nodded. 

The next 6 months of Emily's life were herendous, but she eventually
recovered and when she was released I married her, and she got 
pregnant. She was already three months into it when her first court 
appearance was scheduled. We were both nervous, and her six living 
sisters and mother had not found room to forgive her, but only to 
accept her back into their lives as family... 



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