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The Get Thin Blues (standard:humor, 1401 words)
Author: akAdded: Jul 29 2003Views/Reads: 2181/1369Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Ten year old Delia's mother wants her to diet? But what's so bad about not being skinny?

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"The honest to God truth is no one is happy with their looks.  What
really matters are your accomplishments, remember that always 
Delia,"Celeste finished while sucking on a piece of sugar free candy. 

Delia had talked to her counselor about all the advice that people like
Dr. Nathel, Celeste, and her mom gave, and the doctor just said, "How 
you feel is most important." 

Well, today, she had felt like eating two lunches, and sharing the
second with Sarah. 

"I don't care that the football team only lets boys play," Delia said
suddenly.  It was true, she had tried out for the football team, but 
was told that boys only could join. 

"Hey," said Sarah, "I care, let's you and I do something about it!" 

"Like what Sarah, become a boy?" joked Delia. 

"No, why not start a campaign to let girls try out?" continued Sarah

"The PE coach said that girls are too delicate, and our reproductive
organs could be damaged, but I'm not sure that is true ," Delia said 
doubtfully.  She knew it wasn't because she had asked her doctor, and 
Dr. Nathel had chuckled at notion that girls were fragile, and that 
playing football was any more dangerous than any other childhood 

"Then, let's make them let us try out? Huh girl?" Sarah goaded. 

"You got it girl, we are here to break some rules!" Delia sang out. 

The girls got started collecting names of girls who wanted to go to
football tryouts.  They collected enough signatures to force the school 
council to permit girls to go to the tryouts for school team. 

On the first day of tryouts, Delia, Sarah, and 10 other fourth graders
showed up.  They were all athletes too.  Martine was a soccer player, 
Rachel ran track, and Tracy was on the swim team.  All were skinny too. 

30 boys had showed up for tryout too.  Most of them had already played
football, and were so sure they would make the team, they read comics 
when the coach explained the tryout rules. 

"I want all of you to put on helmets and shoulder pads," coach Pat
barked loudly. "The run into to person in front of you and try to knock 
them to the ground. Be careful not to hit the face, or you will be 
disqualified immediately. Okay, when I blow the whistle, start 

The whistle trilled out in a large single blast, and the 40 children
were off. 

Delia's opponant was a tall, stocky boy with black curly hair.  She put
her chin down and charged right at him.  He fell over in complete 
surprise, and said,"no fair, I wasn't ready yet coach." 

"Sorry Mack, she tackled you fair and square.  Sit on the bleachers
until tryouts are finished. 

Meanwhile, the other boys all began to cry out,"Hey Delia, bet you can't
tackle me!" 

To which a newly confident Delia replied,"Just try me." 

Coach Pat, seeing that Delia had speed, stregnth, and coordination
thought a minute. 

"Kids, we have a new game plan.  Delia will try to tackle every boy and
girl.  If she succeeds, then she will be our new quarterback this 
year." Coach Pat wanted his team to win, and he thought Delia might 
give them that once in a lifetime chance. 

Delia felt confident she could tackle any of those boys.  She was
smaller than them, but was more powerful and was able to focus better 
than any of them. 

She wasn't even tired after the tryouts ended. 

Coach Pat looked at the clip board notes.  Delia had tackled all of the
boys, she ran faster, and threw the ball harder than anyone who had 
tried out.  Three other girls, including Sarah Munsten had passed the 
test, and they were officially put on the team as tight ends. 

Delia was made quarterback. 

During the football season, Delia carried the team.  They won every
game.  Delia even lost the weight that Dr. Nathel was so concerned 
about.  She found that she was not hungry as much as she used to be, 
and that she could actually eat whatever she wanted to and not gain 

In fact, for lunch every day, she still eats a piece of fried chicken,
baked potato, orange, banana, and two oatmeal cookies for lunch. Sarah 
usually eats Kettle chips and sushi, and Mack just looks at Delia and 
says, "way to go,quarterback!" 


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