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Wild Strawberries (standard:romance, 851 words)
Author: Danielle DaleAdded: Jul 30 2003Views/Reads: 2366/1483Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Kitzmiller has no Starbucks, the TV only get's 12 channels, the computer doesn't have internet, and the town only has 800 people. To Danielle this summer was going to be hell. But that was before she met The Gang, Julie, and Will.

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He was dressed in over-alls and a plaid shirt. Heather held him out for 
Danielle and she carefully took him. He looked up in Danielle's blue 
eyes and she looked down into his. She could see herself reflected in 
them. They stayed that way for a moment before Tom came in the door 
carrying Danielle's suitcase. Danielle turned around and looked at her 

"You must have bricks in that thing." commented her father massaging his

Danielle gave Caleb back to Heather. 

"I'll just take that up to my room now." said Danielle reaching for the

"Let me show you where it is." said her father. 

Danielle didn't feel like arguing so she just followed her father.
Danielle didn't look around her, she just kept her eyes on her father's 
back. Tom opened a door and stepped inside. Danielle followed. She 
didn't feel like looking around the room. 

"I'll leave you here to unpack. I'll call you when dinner's ready." said
Tom before he closed the door. 

The first thing Danielle did was collapse onto the bed. All she wanted
to do was sleep. After a bit she felt herself slipping away. She needed 
rest. Before long she was fast asleep. 


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