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EX2: Jacob (standard:drama, 1027 words)
Author: KinslayerAdded: Sep 30 2003Views/Reads: 1935/1281Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My submission for the next TOF Project.

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stood, holding each other as the man at the desk handed them a file 

Jacob wasn't sure but he thought maybe his mother was getting her job
back. Maybe this was a test to see if he could handle being on his own. 
So he sat, poised as he could be, looking straight ahead with his hands 
folded in his lap. He had to stifle a laugh as he saw his reflection in 
the window. 

As the door swung open he stood and looked for his drum. He found it on
the floor where he left it and hefted it into his arms. When he turned 
he saw his mother and father standing in the doorway to the office 
shaking hands with the man who used to be behind the desk. As he took 
his mother hand she looked shocked then burst into tears and ran out of 
the room. His father smiled at him then also left the room. 

As Jacob followed he felt a hand on his shoulder, it was the man that
had been talking to his parents, I'm going to watch over you now, he 

Tears swelled up inside and he knew that his mother and father were
never going to return. 

Jacob was twelve. 

The End. 


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