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The Must See Event of the Year (standard:other, 866 words)
Author: Craig AndersonAdded: Dec 22 2003Views/Reads: 1697/1061Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tv, Terror(ism), capitalism, stupidity...

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assaulted with “How-do-you-feel” type-questions, and the emotion of the 
event was captured by close-ups of those weeping blood. One could 
almost smell the faeces as bowels spasmed. 

Within ten minutes, twitching ceased, and so did the filming. The roving
reporters returned to then van via the corpse obstacle course, and the 
feed and feeding ended. 

Ad's for rival cola companies ensued, followed by a solid twenty minutes
of fast-food, furniture and barely-functional operating-system 

“The President wants a spot.” “Well, he can pay, like everyone else...” 

Governmental privatisation enured that this wasn't an issue, and his
“Joes Rib Palace” be-hatted head was soon sombreing-up every TV screen 
in the world. 

“People of the world, what we have witnessed today is truly a tragedy...
We are following leads, but they are fairly lean at this present 
time... We did all we could to halt this attack, but, with funding 
cuts...” He trailed off. 

“If anyone knows the whereabouts of an individual, nicknamed
“Hot_mustard”, please come forward... thank you... Ah yes...” 

A pause, a cap re-adjust, and his solemn face grinned with eerie
elasticity. “Eat at Joes, best ribs in all the world.” 


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