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school daze (standard:Inspirational stories, 2272 words)
Author: JasenAdded: Feb 19 2004Views/Reads: 2471/1304Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about Paul; a first year student passes through his first semester in a polytechnic. With new faces to meet from different environments. Having to adapt to a new-found independence in a new environment with classmates, he made, and the adv

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“Met her from a chat channel, a month ago,” said Paul. 

“She looks pretty, looks very suitable for you. But don't neglect your
studies.” Vincent warned. 

“Hey cool down, I know you care for me. We do not hang out that often
these days except for doing the sports we both enjoy. Whenever we hang 
out, we pay for our own expenses. Isn't that something interesting?” 
said Paul. 

“Uh, sounds weird. How come you are not paying for her expenses?” said
Vincent surprisingly. 

“Oh, we have decided to provide for ourselves. That way it will not hurt
any of us. We are both working. So we can afford to live on our own.” 
Paul replied. 

“I see. Looks like you are good at coming out with weird ideas. So why
is that necklace with a ring on your neck? An engagement or love 

“That is a ring I wear on myself since the day we started dating. It
symbolizes love in the hart. Both of us wear it in our hearts.” 

“You are really a weirdo. Love to do such funny things. Alight you win.
So how is your first day in school?” 

“Pretty good, why you ask?” 

“Oh its nothing, just curious to know how you are coping...” 

As the conversation got on and on, time went by quickly. Before they
realize it, it is four in the afternoon. They departed from the 
cafeteria, still involved in their discussion about a class gathering 
coming up in December. 


Once back home, Paul went straight to his desktop and started working on
his latest assignment while chatting with Samantha and some of his 
classmates online. 

As the days went by, his classmates elected Paul as the class
representative. For his ability to lead the class and his ability to 
bring everyone in his class together. However, this bit of effort of 
bringing everyone in the class together did not last long. 

Soon, everyone started to get into different social groups in the class.
There began to form two social groups – guys group and a girls group. 
They hang out at different places during the break time. Both groups 
seldom meet except during lesson. Everyone was getting well with one 
another. Teamwork started to play the role of getting everyone to work 
together. During one of the tutorial in the first week of school, 
everyone was group into groups of five. Every group was assigned a 
task, which has to be presented at the end of the semester. 

Paul was grouped together with Evelyn, Eileen, Shane and Terri. The
group members in his team appointed him as the group leader 
unanimously. Once everyone has settled down into his or her assigned 
groups, they were handed the assignment and began to brainstorm and 
discuss what is to be done for the assignment. 

Chapter 3: Good friends 

As the days went by, everyone in the class also began to know one
another better. The girls and guys also started to get out of the box 
to interact with one another. The class is slowly coming together to 
become one group. Everyday there would be laughter and smiles except on 
days where there were mini tests. In addition, another project has 
begun to take place in class and everyone is starting to get busy with 
the project given by the Java Programming tutor. 

During this period, Paul and Samantha would usually meet up after school
to discuss the day and spend time together revising their day's 
homework. Every weekday they could be seen together with at his place 
or her place repeatedly doing the same thing. Except on weekends when 
they will both be working or hanging out with their individual group of 

Life was a breeze through the first 3-month into the semester where
everyone was trying their best to cope with a new environment with new 
friends, lecturers and their steady, if there ever was one for them. 

At the end of the first 3-month, the term test took place. By that time,
everyone is tied down to work their best through the test. Paul for one 
is really trying very hard to struggle between working and doing his 
revision daily with Samantha. 

Both decided to apply for study leave to concentrate on their revision
as both aspire to outplay one another in the term test for good 
results. With their hard work, came the reward of spending time 
together during the one-week vacation, which came right after the term 
test. During the one-week break, both did many activities together 
which included the weekly swimming session and their latest addition to 
their list of activities – gym. They have decided to build up stronger 
bodies through gym training. When it began, it was tough to keep up 
with a personal training guideline. However, as the week went by with 
alternate day of training, they got used to it and the term break 
slowly ended. 

Its back to school again for another 2 months. The term test results
were announced through the tutors during the first week back in school. 
Both Paul and Samantha did extremely well they both got the same 
results – Distinction, for their individual subjects. 

Now that their hard work has paid off, both decided that they would
concentrate on bettering their relationship with studying a day less 
and devoting that day to training at the gym. 

Chapter 4: Project Blues 

By the end of the first week, everyone in class too was happy and has
decided to celebrate at Seoul Garden. Being the class representative, 
Paul was the one who suggested the idea and have asked the class for 
the opinion of inviting their care person to the celebration too. 
Everyone agreed to the idea and the date was set for the following week 

As the weeks went by, everyone started to get busy again with the two
assignments, which has to be completed for submission soon. Paul's time 
with Samantha also started to wither. Both were also busy with their 
assignments. Even though that was the case, their commitment to the gym 
and swimming sessions remain. These were the only time they were 

By the last month before the exams were to begin in October, everyone
has already started to panic with the amount of assignment to be 
submitted as their deadlines are coming nearer by the hour. 

For Paul and his group, they were preparing very well for the
assignment, scoring high marks for group components and individual 
components. With that everyone was getting very happy with themselves. 
Except for the Java assignment, which majority of the class is having 

There seem to be no good solution to complete the assignment on time.
Everyone felt panicky about what is going to happen when the entire 
assignment is not done and handed in on time. 

At the brink of death, a miracle happened. A classmate decided to teach
the class during the free period how to complete the assignment. 
Everyone listened attentively and got the gist of it. There and then, 
they all started to work on the desktops in the computer labs and 
everyone was able to complete the assignment, thus handing in the 
assignment on time for grading. 

As for Paul's relationship, it began to wither with time. However, the
two lovebirds love each other very much; their parents were objecting 
them seeing one another. The excuse given was that they both were too 
young and needed more time to really consider whether they have devoted 
too much or too little time together. In addition, a commitment to the 
relationship during the school years can result in many problems; as 
such, both families are hostile toward this relationship. Though this 
saddened both of them, they decided to make a deal to prove to their 
parents that they are devoted to one another and will also strive to 
make a balance between school and their commitment to one another. 

Chapter 5: Final Exams 

The final semester exams are round the corner. Both of them did not meet
during the month long period, neither did they do what the activities 
they did together. Everyday they would be seen in school at different 
places doing their own revision. No phone calls were exchanged at all. 
It was complete silence. All the way through until the end of the 

As the exams ended, Paul went back to his normal work routine and
engaged in the normal activities of swimming and gym as before. This 
time alone without the company of Samantha. This hard life went on for 
a period of two long weeks until the release of the exam results. The 
result was announced and both got straight distinctions. 

With such good results, they went to their parents and ask for their
permission to continue with their relationship. When both parents gave 
the green light, both were feeling over the moon. 

From then on, they were together every moment of their life. However,
life is not always clear of roadblocks. The roads were even bumpier 
with more commitments to school, work and play. They have more 
challenges ahead with time management and the feeling of love sick when 
not seeing one another. 

After word 

Hope that you would have enjoyed this short story as much as I did in
putting together the story. The idea came about one day during my 
lecture in school while thinking about my ex-crushes. I decided to do a 
write up about school life in a tertiary institute with a mix of what I 
feel would be an ideal relationship if it even happens to me while 
schooling. It is an inspirational piece to write about freely with the 
flow of events... 

Hope that you could also send me some comments so that I can better my
writing skills and present before you better works. 

Regards, Jasen Nov/Dec 2003


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