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The Invitation (standard:humor, 1000 words)
Author: Ian HobsonAdded: Nov 22 2004Views/Reads: 2829/1446Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Another short story competition entry. Story to start with the words 'It was only after clicking 'Send' that Rebecca realised what she had done'.

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With her mission accomplished, and stifling a giggle, Rebecca clicked
again to minimise the e-mails window, but then realised her mistake: If 
the screensaver didn't return to the screen before Roland returned to 
his desk, he would know that someone had been into his computer.  Oh, 

The timer!  Change the screensaver timer! 

Rebecca grabbed the mouse again and clicked the 'Start' button, followed
by 'Settings', and 'Control Panel'.  Now what?  System?  No.  
Passwords?  No.  Display!  That's it; Display!  Rebecca double-clicked 
'Display', then a click on the Screen Saver tab took her to where she 
needed to be.  The timer was set to ten minutes.  What to reset it to?  
One minute?  No, he'd be sure to notice.  Five minutes?  No; too long; 
he might be back by then.  Three minutes; that should be enough. 

Rebecca reset the timer to three minutes, then after shutting down the
Control Panel, she picked up her file, slipped out of the chair, and 
checking that the coast was clear, she set off back to her desk, just 
as Roland walked through the door.  Oh, Shit! 

'Morning, Rebecca.'  Roland was his usual brisk and businesslike self,
in grey suit, shiny black shoes and insipid tie.  'Looking for me?' 

'Oh, no, well...' Rebecca glanced back towards Roland's computer,
knowing the screen saver wouldn't have started yet.  Then as she looked 
back towards Roland, whose obvious intent was to return to his desk, 
she let the folder slip from her fingers and its contents cascade onto 
the floor.  'Oh, sorry.' 

Rebecca did her best to block the isle as she bent over to pick up the
papers, whilst an obviously impatient, Roland, tried to step around 

'Sorry, Roland.  I'm a real butterfingers this morning.'  Rebecca stuck
out her bottom to prevent Roland from passing.  Her mind was racing.  
How can I stop him?  What can I do?  As she picked up the last of the 
papers and Roland finally managed to pass her, she grabbed at his 

'Just a minute, Roland.  I did want to ask you something...  Err, I'm
having a party next week and wondered if you'd like to come.' 

'Oh.'  Roland looked surprised.  'I'd love to, Rebecca.  Can you send me
an e-mail about it?  You know what my memory's like.' 

'Okay,' replied Rebecca, smiling.  Damn! 


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