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An Open Letter to the King of Norway (standard:non fiction, 1405 words)
Author: Rattan MannAdded: May 04 2005Views/Reads: 2361/1374Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An open letter to the king of Norway

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7) I went to the court anyway, with myself as my own lawyer. There judge
Kåre Røkkum would not let me cross-examine the witnesses I had called. 
He said that Norwegians cannot be wrong, and so I cannot question what 
they were saying. 

In the same court, and before the same judge Røkkum, professor
Kristoffer Gjøtterud, Oslo university, and professor Helge Holden, 
department of mathematics, Technical University of Trondheim, both said 
that if they knew that I will ever blame Norwegians of racial 
discrimination, they would not have allowed me to get a degree from the 
university, and now they will ensure that I will never get a job in 
Norway and create more "trouble". 

These statements were made in a court of law before a high court judge.
Your majesty, these are criminal statements under any law. 

Judge Kåre Røkkum was not much better than the Nazi judge Freisler,
except that he did not shout so loudly. As I said, I was my own lawyer. 
This definitely gave judge Røkkum an extra license to misjudge and 
misbehave, exactly like judge Freisler. 

8) Ever since then I am living as a non-existent non-person without a
past, present, or future, simply because I beleive in truth and 

9) Your majesty, if I am found dead under any circumstances, I want an
impartial inquiry into the true causes of my death. 

Your majesty, I am not a criminal. In the past 25 years in Norway I have
not broken a single Norwegian law and have not got even a single 
traffic-ticket. But crimes are being committed against me every hour of 
every single day. What sort of civilization is this? And why is 
everybody silent? 

My acedemic record is unique and unequalled by any white Norwegian. 

I have passed a total of 52 exams with a total of 175 credit-points from
colleges in Lillehammer and Grimstad, and universities in Bergen and 
Oslo leading to two 

BSc and one MSc. Moreover I passed all these 52 exams without attending
a single lecture or having any supervisor for my master's thesis in 
superstring theory ("Index Theorems in Mathematics and Physics"). As I 
said above, I passed 10 exams in just 1 semester at Bergen university 
without attending a single lecture. 

In fact this is the root of all problems. Norwegians don't like that
their "Nigger-slave" is ten times better than his white masters. I know 
major portions of pure mathematics, theoretical physics, philosophy, 
psychology, history, and literature backwards. 

After decades of suppression my literary and philosophical works have
started to appear on the web. This includes my short-stories "Self 
Analysis", "The Unread Story", "The Great Pianist", my autobiography 
"Silence With The Storm", and my novel "The Prime Minister". 

Your majesty, a darkness at noon covers the whole of Norway. Professors
are worse than crooks. Lawyers are afraid to fight for justice. Judges 
have thrown away their towels and are dancing the naked dance of might 
is right. Anti-racist center is in the pockets of racists. 
Investigative journalists have become as investigative as a dead mouse. 
Basic mechanisms to ensure justice do not exist even in the 
twenty-first century. That is why I have been forced to write to you 
after trying everything else for twenty years. 

This is not democracy. This is not civilization. This is terror,
tyranny, and barbarism unseen on the face of the earth since the Dark 

Therefore, I appeal to your majesty to stand up like a moral giant in
this hour of moral bankruptcy, and say something openly, publicly, and 
boldly about this letter, and thereby bring back some light to these 
God-forshaken times and places of darkness. 

Finally, your majesty, you may choose to remain silent. The world may
choose to remain deaf. But my voice will hover around the universe, 
forever fighting for justice and truth, even if it is nothing more than 
a faint echo vibrating from the impotency of my grave. 


Rattan Mann 

BSc(electronics) Agder college, Grimstad 

BSc(physics) Bergen university 

MSc(physics) Oslo university 

Sun Certified Java Programmer 

Sun Certified Web Component Developer 

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect(Part 1) 

Oracle Certified PL/SQL Programmer (OCA) 

Tel: (47) 21 92 97 22 

Åsbråtstien 15 

1251 Oslo 


PS: A hard copy of this letter was sent to the King via snail-mail 


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