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NC-2- The Lake (standard:other, 986 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Jun 13 2005Views/Reads: 2080/1167Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A lake is a gift from nature, do not take its gifts for granted, for one day if pushed too far will turn around on you.

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Jumping off bridges as boats pass under. Dumping gasoline in the lake 
by "accident". And driving your boat too fast in an area with children 
swimming is especially dangerous. Speed is a real killer.", Henry goes 
on and on...Kyle knows this gets to Henry. 

Paddling toward the center of the lake, a speedboat approaches.  Two
young boys are in the boat, drinking beer and driving. 

"Drive faster!  I want speed! Go faster!" 

"I can make this baby scream across the lake! Are you ready?", the
driver shouts as he takes a gulp of beer. 

"Go for it!", the other boy dares him. 

The driver revs up the engine to full speed in these early morning
hours, racing back and forth across the lake, cutting circles into the 
water, defying speed for thrills. 

Faster and faster, the boat screams around in circles. He turns the
steering wheel sharply, once again and this time both boys fall out of 
the boat. The boat is circling them now almost like a shark.  There is 
no driver and the speed is fast. Closer and closer the boats 
propeller's gain on them as they flounder in the water trying to swim 
toward shore, but they are too drunk to outsmart the boat. The boat 
takes one last circle and pounces on it's victims. 

One quick bite and its all over. 

Ripped apart and mangled, the blood red reminder that nature is a
formidable enemy. 

The lake has once again gained equilibrium. 

Too far away to help, the men in the canoe watch in horror as this scene
unfolds before them. So quickly that even a phone call isn't quick 
enough to save foolish acts on the lake. The investigation into the 
accident is left with only two witnesses who witnessed two young men 
speeding carelessly in circles, falling out, and being run over by 
their own boat. Empty beer bottles float along the lakes surface along 
with remnants of bloody clothes and the blood taken from its victims. 

"So young and foolish, so young, so young".... 


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