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The Visionary (standard:Flash, 1792 words)
Author: Reid LaurenceAdded: Feb 22 2006Views/Reads: 2209/1236Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Has the great Nostradamus come back to us in the guise of a twenty-first century janitor? Read on and find out...

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ask you a few questions, Mr. Laurence? Are you up to it?” 

“Oh...ah guess. It does take a lot outta me though, I'll tell ya that
right now. I'm more than a bit tired when ahm through with a session. 
But please gentlemen, call me Reid. Ah feel like I've known you both 
for a very long time.” 

“Really,” asked Lane. “And what gave you that feeling?” 

“Ah don't know fa sure. Ah just do. Anyways, what we usually do is, ah
lay down on the couch here, an Mary sits in a chair next ta me with her 
notepad. We can start anytime you fellas want, ah reckon,” he said, as 
he leaned his back down into the couch and stared up at the ceiling. 
Pulling up a frail, wooden chair, Mary took up her position next to him 
and as the two doctors watched the so-called clairvoyant, he closed his 
eyes and as he shut them, his eyelids began to flutter nervously. Upon 
seeing this, and in seeing them suddenly stop, Mary knew her husband 
was ready to receive questions, and told the two men they could begin 
whenever they wished. 

“Go ahead Don,” remarked Lane. “Ask ‘im something about the future.” 

“Alright Reid,” asked Don, looking intently on the clairvoyant as he lay
there in deep hypnosis. “Why don't you tell us about the future...what 
will happen in the near future Reid? Go on, tell us.” But even as the 
scientist spoke, the once quiet, summer day began to turn cloudy and 
the bright sunlight that had only moments before lit the room soon 
vanished. In its place, a dark threatening gloom had gathered outdoors 
and even in the house, giving the two doctors a most unsure and 
insecure feeling of where they were and of what they were doing. 

“He's gonna speak now,” said Mary. “Ah kin tell, he's gett'in ready.”
And when he did, this is what he said... 

“An evil one will rise to power A world will rage, inside the hour Of
Hister be his name it's true This day, I give this heed to you!” 

“What's he talk'in about?” asked Lane, as lightening raged outside the
home and bursts of sudden thunder roared, causing the Laurences' eldest 
daughter Natalie to come running into the room from where she'd been. 
“Is daddy giv'in anotha read'in momma? Ahm scared.” 

“He is honey,” answered Mary. “Hush now.” 

“What's he talk'in about?” asked Lane a second time. “Who's Hister?” 

“I think he's talking about Hitler,” answered his friend. “But why he's
referring to the past, I don't know. I'll ask him again,” added Doctor 
Neuman. “C'mon Reid. We wanna know about our future. What's going to 
happen? Tell us.” 

“He's gett'in ready ta speak agin,” said Mary, watching for the familiar
signs on her husbands face that she'd herself read so many times before 
and all at once, uncanny poetic life returned to her sleeping mate and 
again, as thunder clashed and lightening struck he began to speak... 

“A horseless carriage takes him there A trip to end in great despair A
hail of metal taking life Great country lost in grief and strife.” 

“What the heck is he talk'in about?” asked Lane. “It sounds like he's
talking about the past again. What's with the horseless carriage?” 

“I don't know. I'm not sure,” returned Donald, puzzled as to why the
clairvoyant had made references to the past again. “But it sound to me 
like he's talking about when John Kennedy got shot. Why, I have no 

“We came such a long way Don, an he's not telling us anything we don't
already know. Ask him about my office. Will it grow? Will I increase 
the staff?” 

“Okay,” answered the bewildered scientist. “What the heck. I'll try
again,” he said. “Reid, can you hear me? Can you tell us if Lane's 
business will grow? Answer me if you can.” And this is what he said... 

“A thinker sets the world on edge As atoms crash, he makes amend A
terrible force he does unleash Great foe will fall, I do bequeath!” 

“Oh no!” muttered Lane, as thunder boomed outdoors and the two children
in the room cringed, huddled in fear of natures own terrible threat. 
“He's do'in it again. Don't tell me,” he said to his friend. “He's 
talking about Einstein, right? As atoms crash and all that. C'mon Don, 
forget it. He's not gonna tell us anything. Maybe he's just having a 
bad day or something.” 

“No wait,” replied Donald. “I wanna try one more time, hold on.” And as
the scientist glanced out one of the only windows in the small room, he 
readied himself to ask one more question, and pleaded with the 
clairvoyant to make his answer good. “Reid,” he began. “I know you can 
hear me. Stop playing games. I know you can do this. Now tell me, what 
is in our future? What lays in store for us? Answer me, and I'll give 
you a great donation. I know your family could use it. Honest, you 
won't be sorry.” 

But as Doctor Neuman finished speaking, lightening struck one of the big
oak trees on the property, cleaving it in two and rendering it to 
firewood and kindle in mere tenths of a second. 

“He's ‘bout ready ta talk agin,” whispered Mary, shaken by the
supernatural forces of nature and the uncanny connection of her 
husbands psychic ability to them. “Ah kin tell.” And seconds later, 
this is what he said... 

“The writing's on the wall.” 

“Now what?” asked Lane. “I told ya, he's not gonna tell us anything.” 

“Wait,” replied Donald. “What does he mean?” he said, turning to Mary.
“What does he mean by ‘the writing's on the wall?' Does he mean the 
answer is obvious and that we should know?” 

“No,” answered Mary, pointing to a spot on the wall that even she hadn't
seen until now. “He means... the writ'in's on the wall, an there it 

Then, walking to the location on the wall that Mary had pointed out,
Donald read the shocking message out loud for all in the room to 

“Can't talk ‘bout no future taday, cause the next two years a Bush is
too dad burn scary ta talk ‘bout!”


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