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This Game Of Chance (standard:humor, 1061 words)
Author: Reid LaurenceAdded: Apr 19 2006Views/Reads: 2276/1270Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Is global warming fact or fiction? An important consideration, or a minor problem that will heal itself and go away?

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"It'll get you ta the store and back, won't it?" 

"Yeah, but what do I buy food with?" 

"I don't know Mary," I said. "I guess you'll have'ta charge it. Use your
Visa. What else can we do?" 

"We can sell the truck and buy one a those flashy, new, Bord Fartstain's
that's what. Or how's about a new Swedish Snaab. It's gotta be better 
on gas then the truck." 

"I need my truck, Mary. I told you. We've been through this before. I
need the torque. I need pulling power. Girls just don't get it." 

"What do you pull? You don't pull anything. You just drive it back and
forth to work." 

"I have an image I have'ta maintain Mary. You just don't understand." 

"Oh, I understand," she replied. "It's a macho thing, isn't it? Lemmie
tell you, It's time you put some thought into what your image is 
costing us, not just in gas either. Look at this snow in July! What 
about all the emissions from that V18 of yours!? We're helping to wreck 
the world, that's what we're doing." 

"Mary, put your snow shoes on and go already, wouldja? I can't argue
with you anymore, it's senseless. Besides, your just another one a 
those Greenhouse gas nuts who wanna point the finger. Any realistic 
scientist will tell you that the weather is just going through a normal 
cycle, and that's all it is. It's got nothing to do at all with my 
truck, or any a that Greenhouse nonsense." 

"I just can't get through to you, can I?" said my wife, as she backed
out of the garage, scraping the top of the truck on the bottom cords of 
the roof trusses as she went. Standing there watching, I wondered if I 
should surprise Mary and buy her a matching new Stoodge truck of her 
own. We'd be the envy of everyone with a his and a hers. After all, 
everyone knows women always say yes when they mean no, or no when they 
mean yes, and I knew she loved that truck just as much as I did. I just 
know it. Who in the world can say I'm wrong? 


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