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Robbie the Raptor (youngsters:fantasy, 972 words)
Author: HulseyAdded: Oct 27 2006Views/Reads: 5222/1995Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Robbie longs to play football.

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I saw nothing wrong,” growled Ally. “Now are you sending on another
substitute or playing with ten men?” 

“I have no more substitutes,” moaned Baldor, ignoring Robbie as he
jumped up and down on the spot trying to attract his attention. 

“I can play! Please pick me,” begged Robbie. 

Baldor stooped down and faced the tiny raptor. “You? You're not even a
Tyrannosaurus Rex.” 

“I am too. Listen to my growl.” 

The crowd erupted in laughter as Robbie squeaked. 

“Okay,” sighed Baldor. “What have I got to lose? Play up front with

The mammoths laughed loudly as the tiny substitute sprinted onto the
pitch. Within minutes Robbie received the ball. He dribbled between the 
legs of the mammoths who were too slow to stop him. Robbie skipped past 
the last line of defence and faced the goalkeeper. He scampered through 
his legs and kicked the ball into the empty net. 

The crowd cheered loudly for their new hero and the half time whistle

“You were lucky little one,” said Brutus who nursed his injured leg. 

“Yes,” echoed Tordor. “Those mammoths will pound you into the dust.” 

The second half kicked off and Tusky followed Robbie all over the pitch,
attempting to injure him, but the raptor was too nippy. He again 
received the ball and once more set off on a dribble, expertly 
manoeuvring between the legs of his clumsy opponents. The goalkeeper 
growled and galloped towards Robbie, who dribbled around the angry 
mammoth and tapped the ball into the empty net. 

The crowd screamed their approval as the mammoths argued between
themselves. On the bench Brutus and Tordor were speechless, unable to 
believe what they were witnessing. 

The final minute approached and the score stood at 2-2. The
Tyrannosaurus Rex team won a corner and Robbie ran into the penalty 
box. The ball soared high above his head, but he ran up the tail of 
Chuddy until he was on his shoulder. He catapulted himself through the 
air and headed the ball goal bound. The ball hit the back of the net 
and Robbie screamed to the goalkeeper, “pick that one out hairy!” . 
Ally blew the whistle for full time and the animals ran onto the pitch, 
screaming Robbie's name. He was carried around the stadium, a new hero 
of the dinosaurs. Never again did anyone tell him he was not a 
Tyrannosaurus rex.! 


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