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Report (standard:action, 1168 words)
Author: PhredAdded: Dec 18 2007Views/Reads: 2356/1403Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A police officer, just off duty, makes out a report.

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“Less than twenty minutes later, three Nebraska State Patrol Officers,
four Antelope County Deputies (humorously called County Mounties no 
more) and an ambulance had arrived, sirens splitting the air and so 
many lights going off that it looked like the entrance to a midway.  
The two Emergency Medical Technicians dragged their gurney to my car 
and worked on Deputy Watson.  One of the EMT's stopped long enough to 
compliment me on my bandaging skills.  Deputy Watson would survive, but 
would be sicker than a dog for about six weeks. 

“I briefed my colleagues on the situation.  The Nebraska Safety Patrol
being senior service, Officer George Hernandez asked me to evacuate the 
apartment complex with Officer John LaRue (NSP) and Deputy Khedir 
al-Waely (Antelope County Sheriff's Office).  The others would 
establish the perimeter, and then we would all sit tight until the 
arrival of the negotiators.  We started at the top floor and worked our 
way down, knocking loudly on each door and advising the occupants to 
evacuate their apartments down the fire escape. 

“I recognized the suspect from our high school days.  We had taken
mathematics under Nellie Folsom, so I raised my bullhorn and yelled, 
‘Hey, Angie! Angie Rolofson, it's me, Mary Srb.  Yeah, I'm now a 
Mueller, Leroy and I married just after my graduation from Nebraska Law 
Enforcement Academy.  You know you have two choices now.  You can 
either walk out of there or be carried out of there.  We're not about 
to give this one a bye.'  Officer Hernandez glared at me but said 

“There was a convenience store around the corner, so Officer Hernandez
sent Officer LaRue after coffee and doughnuts (we all chipped in for 
payment).  Then we retreated from the cold and the ice to the warmth of 
our cars.  Angie was going nowhere. 

“Angie started making demands.  She wanted food and to speak with Alfred
Smith.  We have been wanting to speak with Mr. Smith ourselves as he is 
the leading suspect in our investigation of ‘Nazi Crank,' a variation 
of methamphetamine.  I yelled back, ‘NO,' and we continued to let her 

“About two hours passed like this.  Then the door to the apartment
opened about a quarter of the way and a leg pushed the rifle out the 
door.  Angie then emerged and was taken into custody without a fight. 

The negotiators never came, but their absence is most likely explained
by the fact that the bridge over Sand River is treacherous when icy.” 

The sleet still fell against the window when Mary wrapped it up and
called Leroy.  Yes, he was at home and yes, they could go over the 
sociology lessons. 

Not a lot of studying got done that morning. 


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