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'The Legend of the Arani' (standard:fantasy, 1749 words)
Author: misty greyAdded: Mar 23 2009Views/Reads: 1970/1048Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When Peter goes for a walk in the forest he's in for a big surprise!

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‘The “Arani” are all males, Vela is very rare and special, remember this
only happens every 50 years. Anyway, Vela is 16 years old and so she is 
supposed to be crowned as the queen of the “Arani”. 

However, the prince, Polaris is very jealous of Vela. He wants to rule
our kingdom instead. So Polaris has put a curse on Vela.' ‘And what is 
the curse?' ‘Vela has the sleeping curse. Peter; she will not wake up 
for a long time, and when she finally awakes she will be too old to 
rule. This is where you come into the picture young Peter, in the 
legend only a human boy can save Vela from this terrible curse!' 

Peter looked up at Zultor with concern. He wasn't sure about this. ‘What
must I do to save Vela?' ‘You have to find the golden pearl necklace 
and put it around Vela's neck, and then she will be set free from the 
curse. Peter, Polaris will also be searching for the necklace. You must 
find it before he does. It won't be easy; there will be many obstacles 
in your way.' ‘I am not afraid, I will do my best,' replied Peter 
anxiously. ‘Great! Now come and rest. The search is not until tomorrow 


Back at the campsite, Joe and Susan were getting very worried; they had
been searching for Peter for a long time. ‘Susan', said Joe, ‘we'd best 
camp here for the night. It's too dark to look for Peter now.' ‘Oh Joe, 
I'm so worried about him. I hope he's alright. It's getting cold, I 
hope he has a jumper,' replied Susan. 


Peter woke up the next morning after a disturbed night of sleep. He was
worried about the search.. He got ready for breakfast. ‘So, Peter are 
you ready to take on the challenge?' asked Zultor, as he took a sip of 
this orange coloured fluid from a shell-shaped mug. ‘Yes, I am.' ‘O.k.. 
let's go, follow me!' 

They arrived at a huge oval shaped arena. Around the arena were lots of
‘Arani'. They were just floating there, watching. In the centre of the 
arena were brightly coloured fluorescent water plants of different 
shapes and sizes. There was an abundance of bronze coloured rocks and 
caves. It looked spectacular! 

Peter was feeling nervous. He saw someone approaching towards him. It
was another ‘Arani', this one was different. He was wearing a silver 
crown on his head and he had armour on.. ‘ I am Polaris', he said in a 
stern voice. ‘So you must be the human boy that will challenge me. 
Remember I will stop at nothing to get the necklace and win the ruling 
of the kingdom!' ‘Here Peter, take this,' interrupted Zultor, it's a 
weapon, you may need it.' 

Peter examined the weapon. It was a trident; it was golden and set with
three red rubies. It was very sharp. ‘Let the search begin!' called 
Polaris eagerly. The crowd cheered as the two competitor's entered the 

Peter looked around; swimming frantically with his new ‘webbed' feet and
hands. He looked behind various sea plants and under small rocks, 
poking around with his trident. He found nothing. He entered one of the 
many caves. The cave was eerie; there were lots of neon blue 
stalagmites and statues of sea-like monsters. Sea horses were swimming 
around everywhere. On the walls of the cave were these fluorescent 
green slugs, slithering up the wall. 

Peter frantically poked and prodded with his trident desperately trying
to find the golden necklace, nothing. 

Suddenly, something tapped Peter on the back. Peter turned around; it
was one of the sea horses. 

‘Peter my name is Sheba, I must warn you. Beware of the cave with the
red entrance. It is very dangerous.' Before Peter could reply, Sheba 
disappeared. Peter left the cave. Back in the arena he heard the crowd 
cheering him on. Polaris suddenly brushed past Peter, scratching 
Peter's cheek with his sharp claw as he went. ‘Ouch! Watch out!' cried 
Peter, in pain. 

In the distance Peter saw a cave, the entrance was glowing red. Peter
approached it and entered with caution. Peter's eyes widened with 
shock. Polaris was inside the cave. He was fighting with dozens of 
electric eels. The eels were half Peter's size. Their bodies glowed 
like florescent blue light globes. Sparks and zaps were heard as 
Polaris fought them with his sword. A group of eels approached Peter, 
he held up his trident to defend himself. Sparks flew as Peter 
frantically waved his trident around scaring them off, but it was no 
use the eels kept coming back. 

Peter accidentally pushed one of the rubies on his trident, it was a
button! Now his trident was firing yellow laser beams! The eels he hit 
were now falling to the bottom of the cave. Peter was succeeding at 
last! The eels were receding in numbers now thanks to the work of Peter 
and his trident. 

The search for the necklace continued. Avoiding Polaris, Peter sneaked
away and out of the cave. Once outside, he saw a white glow in the 
distance, he made his way toward it. Peter didn't know that Polaris was 
following him. 

The white glow was actually a giant jellyfish with long purple
tentacles. Peter noticed something dangling on the end of its long 
tentacles; it was golden, and glowing. Peter moved closer to the 
jellyfish so he could see what it was. 

It was the necklace! Peter gently poked at the necklace, much to his
surprise it fell easily. The jellyfish didn't even try to resist! 
Polaris sneaked up behind Peter and snatched the necklace out of 
Peter's hand. ‘It's mine now!' Polaris exclaimed. ‘Oh no you don't' 
replied Peter angrily, as he zapped Polaris on his webbed hand with his 
trident. The golden necklace fell, and Peter quickly grabbed the 
necklace. Peter swam away from Polaris as fast as he could. Polaris 
couldn't keep up with his injured hand. The crowd roared, as Peter made 
his way to the exit. He had defeated Polaris. 


Vela was now awake; the curse had been removed. Vela wasn't like the
other Arani.She looked like a beautiful mermaid with her golden hair 
and sapphire blue eyes. 

‘Thankyou Peter, for saving me from the dreaded curse. The ‘Arani'owe
you a great deal.' She smiled and kissed Peter on the cheek. 


Peter woke up; he was in a hospital bed. Joe and Susan were sitting next
to the bed. ‘Welcome back Peter,' said Susan, as she gave him a big 

Peter was confused, was it all a dream? It felt so real................
Peter felt something around his neck. It was the golden pearl necklace! 

copyright ©            by mistygrey. 


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