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The Final Warning (standard:science fiction, 934 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: May 13 2010Views/Reads: 1762/1072Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It came to Earth one dreary night in December and fell with a loud crash behind a big red barn near the small farming town of Kimberly. The impact shook the ground,waking residents from miles around. "what the hell was that?" was the

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opening and began walking down the ramp. They were humanoid in 
appearance, about seven feet tall, wearing what looked like shiny, 
green metal suits with insignias of a triangle within a circle at their 
chests. They also wore huge helmets with a pair of large holes in front 
from whence came red lights and they carried what looked like weapons 
in their thin hands. 

The crowd looked on in awe mixed with fear and fasination . 

They stood rooted to the spot at the sight 

"What were they? Were they hostile or peaceful? were the questions
running through the spectators minds. Somehow, they didn't feel 

The Aliens stopped at the foot of the ramp,then moved their heads left
to right slowly surveying the crowd. The red lights in front of their 
helmets began brightening and soon the crowd were awashed in bright red 

A sudden tingling sensation washed over the crowd' bodies and to their
astonishment ,they found that they couldn't move! 

Fear began to grip them in a cold vice. 

‘What the hell is this? What's going on? were the panic thoughts racing
through their minds . Their instinctive tried to flee. Get away, but 
found they couldn't. They just stood there transfixed to the spot 
staring ahead at the Aliens. 

"Have no fear. We come in peace to warn you that you Earthlings are on
the road to self destruction. Your world is in danger. We have been 
watching you from a distance. You must get rid of your weapons of mass 
destruction and live in Peace and Harmony among yourselves, that is the 
only way for your survival as a species. We know ,for we were watcning 
you develop from a sub species living in caves, scattered around the 
planet, to your present stage of development. We have seen several of 
your civilisations destroyed over the centuries because of your greed 
and lust for power. And we are now seeing the same traits being 
exhibited in your world today . we know what will be the inevitable 
outcome if you do not cease your madness. So go tell your people to 
cease stock piling of nuclear weapons before it's too late. This is the 
final warning. We can only impel, not compel you. So take heed this is 
the final warning." 

This message was transported telepathically to the spectators. 

The lights in the Aliens helmets began to diminish slowly. 

Feelings returned to the spectators limbs ,and they watched as the
Aliens turned and marched back into their craft. The ramp was lifted 
and the panel door closed quietly behind it. 

The humming grew louder, so loud in fact, that the spectators scrambled
back into their vehicles and headed away from the site. 

A short while later ,they saw the craft ascending vertically,stood still
for a moment,then sped off bright and fiery into the night time sky 
leaving a huge crater in its wake. 

The End. 

Copyright 2006 Michael lance Kersting. 


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