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Ghost Story (standard:Ghost stories, 949 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Oct 30 2010Views/Reads: 2671/1169Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A funny ghost story

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thing “I am from Kumbakonam, again and again,” now his uncle showed 
some emotions of fear in his face. 

“Why the ghost came to Tirupathi from Kumbakonam? 

“Well, thousands of devotees come from all over the country to Tirupathi
to worship Lord Venketeswara, may be the woman came here and died to 
become a ghost,” reasoned his uncle. 

“The ghost can go back to Kumbakonam, can't she? 

“Sure but for some reason she chose to live here.” 

“But why the ghost comes out after midnight only? 

“For ghosts, night is daylight and the daylight is night.” 

“So, the ghost is taking a stroll during mid afternoon, then,”
Juggernaut concluded. 


“Your story sounds fake to me,” young Juggernaut laughed. 

Juggernaut couldn't dismiss his uncle easily after all he was not a
light weight. He was a reputable physician and Professor of Medicine in 
a prestigious medical school in town. The physicians in town call him 
“Physician's Physician” since most physicians come to see him when they 
get sick.  He repeated the ghost story every summer to his nephews and 
nieces including Juggernaut with same enthusiasm.  And every time the 
story was repeated, it became more and more detailed. For example, he 
described her hair or the clothes the ghost was wearing or some other 
detail. And yet Juggernaut asked same questions about the ghost year 
after year and his uncle answered with same interest. 

Some years later, Juggernaut asked his frail grandmother whether there
was any truth in the ghost story his son was telling for so long.  The 
aging grandmother said “Well, my son was telling this story for so long 
I believed myself.” 

On a short visit to his uncle's home after living abroad for several
years, Juggernaut asked his uncle about the ghost from Kumbakonam.  His 
uncle's eyes were lighted up and again started telling the story slowly 
walking like the ghost uttering “I am from Kumbakonam.”  This time his 
uncle was frail and in poor health and that was the last time 
Juggernaut met his uncle. A man known for his wits. 


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