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Angel Dust (standard:humor, 679 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 07 2011Views/Reads: 1613/905Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
'Hing' an Indian spice with characteristic aroma with many health benefits liked by some and hate by many for strong smell was baptised In USA with a new name 'Angel Dust' by Sister Christina on the request of Juggernaut, a regular user of 'Angel Dust' in

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“I added a pinch of ‘Hing' to Sambar to get that special flavor 

you missed in Sambar served in Indian Restaurants here in the United 


“Hing?” “What's that?” 

“Indians, particularly from South India use ‘Hing', a spice if 

one calls it a spice to soup dishes particularly flavoring ‘Sambar.' 

Hing is also unfairly called ‘Devil's Dung' for its pungent odor. 

“You mean, the spice ‘Hing' gives all that special flavor to 

the Sambar?” Sister Christina looked surprised. 

“Yes, ‘Asafetida' or ‘Hing' is a plant resin containing some 

strong sulfur compounds that give that pungent aroma liked by some and 

a stink for many others not used to the product.” 

“How ‘Hing' is made?” Sister was curious. 

“Hing plants make strong smelling sap and is collected by 

cutting the stem just above the roots; the dried sap or crystals of 

amber colored resin is sold in the marker as ‘Hing.' “Additives such as 

rice-flour and other plant gums are added to the pure ‘Hing' crystals 

to stretch it for commercial purpose but it decreases its purity and 

quality.” Juggernaut gave a detailed explanation. 

“You know, all these years after I left India, I could not 

figure it out what was missing in the flavor of ‘Sambar' served in 

Indian restaurants here in the United States, but now I know it 

was ‘Hing' as you said. 

“Since you love the special flavor of ‘Hing' and also a Sister 

of Catholic Order, I sincerely request you to christen the name “Angel 

Dust' to “Hing' so Americans of all walks of life use the word “Angel 

Dust' rather than ‘Hing' a foreign sounding name or worst ‘Devil's 

Dung' a name unfairly attached to this wonderful spice with lots of 

health benefits despite its strong odor,” Juggernaut begged. 

“Sure I now baptize “Hing' with the new name ‘Angel Dust' and 

henceforth be called “Angel Dust' in all public pronouncements and 

recorded as such,” thus Sister Christina   made it official the new 

name “Angel Dust' for ‘Hing.' 


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