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Lies Dark As Night (standard:Creative non-fiction, 1379 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: BurnUpdated: Apr 13 2012Views/Reads: 2424/1175Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Adelle is a hot shot hunter who was sent to earth to ensure that Eran behaves himself. Will she be able to fight his charm?

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beauty was enough to draw attention to it. The detail on the handle was 
carved with a delicate touch, and the blade sharpened to a deadly 
point. Words written in the hunters' natural language glimmered along 
the center of the blade. His eyes then turned slowly to my clothing. My 
feet were clad in knee-high boots with a slight heel. Perfect for 
hiding daggers, and small hand guns in the mouth of the boot. I could 
feel his gaze travel up my trousers, and then assess my cloak. It was 
open reveal a strap that ran across my chest in order to secure the bow 
and arrows hidden. My shirt was a tight fitting fabric, but allowed me 
to breath and turn to my desire. I could feel his grip slack before 
dropping me back to the floor. Quitely, with intense eyes he inquired 
of me "How did they find me?" 

I brushed my cloak off as if his touch had left slime on my clothes. I
then raised my gaze to meet his. He finally understood why I was here. 
One side of my mouth tilted up slightly with an amused smirk. I was 
clearly deciding on if I should answer him, or not. Finally, I spoke. 
"You should know that when you were cast from the heavens for your 
imperfections they never stopped watching you. The blood of your 
victims called out for justice, and after so many calls ignored they 
decided to create some one that could control you. Me." He silent as he 
assessed me once more. I took that as my cue to continue speaking. "You 
were a pure blood angel at one point in time, but you were exposed to 
greed on one of your many unauthorized visits to earth. In your greed 
you searched for greater power, and made a deal with the devil. Quite 
literally. They never forgave you for that. And now, your countless 
murders have got their attention." 

He shook his head, and snarled, "Spare me the history lesson. I know
what happened, but why are you here." 

All I offered for an answer was my signature grin, and answered "To make
sure you behave. Class has started. You're tardy. Get to class." And 
with that, I turned and walked away. He would undoubtedly see me again 
in the near future, much as he depised it. 

(Eran's POV) 

Anger boiled within my chest as I watched her walk away. Who the hell
was she!? Who did she think she was to barge in here, into my domain, 
and threaten me? The sinew through-out my body tensed before I turned 
on my heel and stalked toward my class-room. Without hesitation, I 
threw the class room door open, and was greeted by a surprised class, 
and a disapproving teacher. "Mr. Sterling, nice of you to join us. 
Would you care to explain why you are tardy?" I shrugged, and willed my 
anger to dial down. For the moment, at least. 

"I got side-tracked." I replied simply, and shrugged when he rose a
quizically eyebrow at me. He nodded toward my desk, and said "Take your 
seat, and pay attention." I laughed under my breath. He must not know 
who I was. I dragged my feet all the way to my desk, and grinned as I 
felt his hot gaze burning into my back. I was concerned with other 
matters, however. Several times during the duration of the class I grew 
side-tracked, and lost in my own thoughts. Several times he called on 
me, and I didn't know what the hell he was talking about. Not even to 
crack a wise ass joke. 

Who ever this chick was, she had my mind reeling. A frown tugged at the
corners of my lips as I realized this was not the first time I would be 
seeing her.


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