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When My Guitar Gently Screams (standard:horror, 2757 words)
Author: Robert G MoonsAdded: Oct 28 2013Views/Reads: 2960/2014Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young, mediocre guitar player comes across an unusual, antique guitar that turns him into a world famous rock idol.

I got the Devil in my closet, and the wolf is at my door. – John


Nathan, a tall and lanky, twenty-three-year-old, aspiring guitarist was
finishing off his solo. He shook his mop of black hair, which 
contrasted his pale skin as he rocked out on the last few musical bars. 
He finished with his favourite riff and ended with a fading power 
chord. When silence returned to the small stage, he looked up with 
anxious, green eyes. 

“Sorry, dude, you're not what we're looking for at this time,” said the
emotionless voice from the guy whose name Nathan couldn't remember. He 
was the lead singer of the band and the final word. That was all he 
needed to know. Nathan was tempted to argue his case, but decided to 
save himself any further humiliation. 

“Yeah, OK,” was all Nathan could manage as he put his electric guitar
into its case and quickly left, red-faced, without looking back at the 
three band members. 

It was his third audition in a month and each one ended the same. He was
beginning to doubt his playing ability. Nathan thought he was good. His 
family and friends liked his playing. It even got him laid a couple of 
times at frat parties. 

Once outside, it was a relief to feel the cool autumn air on his face.
He decided to go for a long walk to clear his head, burn off some 
frustration, and think about his next move. Life was such a game. He 
thought he was a king, but now felt like a pawn, a blocked pawn with no 
moves remaining. 

Nathan was walking along the bustling downtown street when he spotted a
small storefront he never noticed before. The sign read ‘Larry's Odds & 
Mends'. The window display contained a variety of antique things: A 
dark-blue Chinese vase dominated the centre; a couple of yellowing oil 
paintings were leaning back off to the side; a beat-up, acoustic guitar 
that looked unplayable; and various smaller items lay on purple silk 
that covered the dusty bottom of the display. Nathan focused on the 
guitar, thinking there may be better guitars inside; curiosity tempted 
him to enter. He loved trying out new and old guitars, whenever and 
wherever the opportunity presented itself. 

The bell above his head tinkled as he walked into the store's gloomy
interior. A dank wood smell invaded and occupied his nose. The window 
display was a good reflection of what he found inside: Antique 
furniture occupied the left wall; too many paintings hung from the same 
wall; urns and vases of various sizes were scattered around the floor; 
and to his right, a counter encased many smaller items. He gazed 
through the grimy Plexiglas. There were collections of straight razors, 
war ribbons, gold jewelry, baseball cards, and various other antique 

Where was the proprietor of this musty shop? He looked around but saw no
one. Looking past the counter, he noticed a few musical instruments 
hanging on the far, right wall. Nathan walked to the back to check them 
out, but was disappointed to find the instruments were mostly junk. 
There were a couple of cheap guitars, a student's violin, and a broken 

“Playyy meee,” came a low whisper from behind. 

He turned around expecting to see the owner, but no one was there. Did
he imagine the voice? “Hello, is anyone here?” 

“Playyy meee,” the faint voice repeated. 

Nathan looked down in the direction of the sound. At his feet was a
beat-up guitar case. The once black case was now grey with thick dust. 

“Hello there!” a clear, loud voice startled him. 

Nathan turned to see an aging hippie. He was a short, sixty-something
man with long, grey hair and beard. A colourful bead necklace adorned 

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