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Brandy's Autobiography (standard:non fiction, 4710 words)
Author: RudyAdded: Apr 23 2001Views/Reads: 3168/2121Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story about the life and loss of my Toy Yorkshire terrier after 3-1/2 short years. This story is written through "her eyes". I wrote this story to help myself heal from her loss.


My name is Brandy.  I was born on October 17, 1996.  I'm a toy Yorkie. 
I can't remember much about those early weeks, but eating and sleeping. 
 One by one, my little family was getting smaller.  Where were my 
sisters going?  Would they return?  Are they ok?  Suddenly I was 
scared.  What was going to happen to me? 

One day in December this nice lady came by my house.  Me and my sister
Tiffany were in our playpen.  This nice lady looked at both of us, 
smiled a lot and pet us both.  I was scared.  But when she picked me up 
and held me I felt happy.  I felt safe.  So I turned on the charm.  If 
I was going to have to leave, I wanted to leave with her.  It worked.  
Two or three licks, a yawn or two and she was sold. 

Then, I realized I had to say good-bye to my sister.  That was tough.  I
cried.  I had so many questions.  Where was I going?  Was I ever going 
to see Tiffany again?  Will I be safe and warm?  This is a lot for a 
little puppy to deal with.  I didn't know where I was going, but I was 
on my way.  I decided to go to sleep. 

Suddenly the car stopped, and I woke up.  The nice lady picked me up,
wrapped me in a soft blanket and brought me into my new home.  Don't 
forget my squeaky toy!  She didn't. 

Wow!  This is a nice house, a lot bigger than I was used to.  It was
warm with plenty of light, bright and cheery.  I think I'll stay.  The 
nice lady put me down and I started checking out my new home, walking 
here and there.  All of a sudden it hit me.  I have to pee!  Oh oh, 
what now.  Nothing looks familiar.  Where do I go?  This is great.  I'm 
only here ten minutes and I wet the floor.  Well it could have been 
worse.  Besides, maybe she won't notice it.  Oh well, I feel better.  
Lets check out the kitchen.  I'm hungry. 

I wish I knew this nice lady's name.  What's the difference?  It's not
like I'm gonna call her.  Wait a minute; I hear some bags rustling, 
sounds like food.  Yes!  Man, the ride made me hungry.  This is good 
stuff.  I bet I can finish it all.  Yep I did.  Now for a little water, 
great!  Well, everything seems ok, but just to be on the safe side, 
I'll get into my little house, curl up and try to get some sleep.  So 
far on my life's journey, I have figured out that bravery is not my 
strong point. 

Just as I was falling asleep, I heard the front door open.  I think I'll
pretend to be sleeping.  Things are going good so far, and I don't want 
to push my luck.  Ok, maybe I'll open one eye and peek outside.  Ok, 
I'll stick my head out of my little house.  Well, that was a mistake.  
No sooner did I look up when this new person let out this loud scream 
when she saw me.  That's it, I'm outta hear.  Oh man, I ran the wrong 
way.   Now I'm stuck in this little house.  I mean little!  Maybe she 
didn't see me.  I know I'll...too late.  Here she comes.  She's gonna 
get me.  Help! 

Hey!  She's nice too.  Wow, this is great.  She likes me!  Oh boy, she's
so happy.  I must be a big hit.  Things are looking up.  What a great 
big smile she has, and a nice cuddly sweater. Let me down for a quick 
drink and we can run around and play.  I'll show you my new house.  Her 
name is Denise.  Oh, and the nice lady's name is mommy.  I like that. 
Well we must have played for an hour.  Boy, I'm thirsty.  Where did I 
leave my water?  Yes!  That was good; I can't believe I drank all that 
water.  Let's check out the rest of my new house while I feel brave.  
How about there?  Nope, way too dark.  On second thought, I'll stay 
with mommy and Denise.  Hey, this is nice.  I'm watching TV.  I wonder 
what their....Whoa!  Too much water.  Can I get down, please?  You 
don't understand.  I wasn't paying attention.  I can't jump off the 
couch; it's way too high.  Hello!  Denise, 

Finally!  Now what?  I wonder where I'm supposed to go....oops!  Don't
tell me.  Oh boy!  Well, no one found the first one.  Maybe it's ok.  
Here comes mommy.  She doesn't look happy, in fact she looks angry.  I 
wonder what Denise did?  Ok.   Yes I see it.  I'll go here from now on. 
 I promise.  Well, it might have been a good idea to tell that me when 
I first got here.  It's not like I can ask or anything, you know.  Now 
back to Oprah. 

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