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Indiana's Hunt (standard:adventure, 1010 words)
Author: OopsAdded: Sep 03 2015Views/Reads: 2850/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young boy goes on a journey for treasure, and instead finds himself in unexpected circumstances along the way. He discovers more than just treasure by the end.

Indiana's Treasure A long time ago, there was a boy named Indiana, his
father was dead from a huge tidal wave and his mother was paralyzed 
from a horse-drawn cart accident. He was the poorest in the town where 
he lived. All the people in the town bullied him and had no regard for 
him. So Indiana hated all these people, and had no choice but to steal 
when he had to in order to survive with his mother. Indiana's life 
continued like that until one day, he found a notebook in his dead 
grandfather's room. There was a treasure map hidden in it along with a 
note written by his Grandfather. There was a small island called 
Treasure Island with a big X in the middle. The note read: The key for 
the treasure chest is split into 2 pieces. One half of the key is 
guarded by the King of the Rock kingdom and the other half of the key 
is with the King of the Sand kingdom. Indiana thought this was an 
amazing chance to change his life - with riches he could pursue his 
dreams and care for his mother. So he decided that day to follow the 
map and find the treasure. The first kingdom Indiana went to was the 
Rock kingdom. The palace was built on top of a tall column of rock, and 
was almost impossible to climb. Indiana used a vine to make a rope and 
climb up to the palace gate. Indiana knocked on the gate and a tall 
soldier came. With a loud voice the guard called out and asked who was 
there. Indiana stated his purpose and asked to see the King. The 
soldier went inside for a moment, then reappeared and granted Indiana 
permission. When Indiana met King Rock, he asked King Rock for the 
treasure key. King Rock answered with a question, “why do you need the 
treasure key?” Indiana thought for a moment and he told his lie to the 
king. “ I am the blacksmith who forged the iron treasure key and split 
it in half to protect the treasure from theft. Now I will remake it and 
give the completed key to you because I think you are a good king.” 
King Rock believed Indiana and gave half the key to him. Before he 
left, King Rock reminded him, “don't forget your promise and remember 
to give me the completed key I will give you the land and title of a 
nobleman” Indiana left the Rock Kingdom with the half-key and journeyed 
South to the Sand Kingdom in the desert. After a week of travelling he 
arrived at the sand kingdom. There was no gate at this kingdom: the 
desert kept most invaders away. The King here was really wise, subtle 
and old. Indiana spoke to him as genuinely as he could. “King Sand, all 
your subject think you are the best king ever. I really want to protect 
the treasure, so I decided to give the treasure to you.” King Sand 
stroked his beard and spoke carefully, “ you want my half the key? You 
must have the other half already.” Indiana explained, “Yes, can you 
give me your half of the key and I can fix them together, become a 
completed key to get the treasure for you.” King Sand thought for a 
while and queried, “How can I believe you?” Indiana showed King Sand 
the half key he had gotten from King Rock and told King Sand about how 
he cheated King Rock by offering to fix and return the key to him. 
After a long conversation, King Sand finally believed Indiana. Indiana 
had successfully used his lie to get the complete the key, and he began 
his journey to the treasure island. When Indiana arrived at the beach 
to find a boat, a beautiful female suddenly appeared in front of him. 
Behind her on the beach was a small but sturdy boat. Indiana was 
shocked when he recognized the woman as his Mom. He  asked, “How did 
you get here, you are paralyzed!” His mother replied, “I am Rhea the 
daughter of Prometheus - a God, and you are my son.  I had to protect 
you, so I took the mortal form of a paralyzed person. But now, I will 
help you to get the treasure. When Indiana and his mother Rhea arrived 
at Treasure island, they saw a huge snake monster was protecting the 
treasure. Indiana tried to use a sword to fight with the monster, but 
the monster was too powerful and full of limitless energy. They 
battled, but Indiana was almost killed by the monster. Rhea stepped in 
to protect her son and fought with the monster.  His mother and monster 
fought and spent all their power and both began to die. Before she died 
Rhea told Indiana, “I am a god's daughter, I didn't tell you because I 
didn't want you to know that you also are part god to protect you from 
your Grandfather Prometheus' enemies. Now that you know - think well of 
me, for this is the last thing I can  do for you, remember, the 
treasure of life is better than treasure's of Gold.” Indiana's mother 
closed her eyes forever. Indiana felt really sad and he felt regret for 
the loss of his mother. He used the key and opened the treasure, became 
the richest person in this world. He didn't feel happy about finding 
the treasure for he thought no one should have died from his treasure 
hunt - least of all his mother. The treasure had served its true 
purpose: he had passed the test of greed; so he put the treasure back 
to the sand and split the key again. He gave back the two halves of the 
keys to the Kings, telling them the treasure was safer being hidden, 
and went back to the town he lived. Indiana sat in under a tree in his 
town and began to write a journal about a treasure hunt for his future 


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