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To love or not to love (standard:other, 658 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Jun 07 2016Views/Reads: 1769/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You don't know what's to happen. You only know your story starts with you waking up one morning, and as time passes, it will blend with other people's stories.

He woke up in this morning, looked around him and all he could see was
this empty really small room, with a single bed in which he was laying. 
The only door leading to outside the room was made of metal and had a 
small peephole. The tiny window had bars, and the walls and the cement 
floor were dirty. He tried to remember whatever happened before the 
very moment he woke up that day. He recalled how he returned home the 
day before, after his dad's call, and found himself surrounded by cops. 
They searched his house for drugs, took him at the station and few 
hours later, at like 3AM, he was breathing jail air. But what led to 
all these events? This question was constantly humbling in his head, as 
he was trying to recall more and more from his past. Those three months 
before the event he woke up into, he could remember that he was 
constantly high. He used to come home like only once or twice in a 
week, he would sleep at friends or lose nights on the streets high as 
he could, selling drugs like there was no tomorrow. If he only knew. 
But why all that? Three and a half years before, he met this girl, and 
they've been together for almost three years. She changed his life, his 
mind, she grew flowers in his soul, she planted a natural smile on his 
face, and when they broke up, he grew himself plants in his pockets and 
built a chemical smile instead. God how he missed her, and only he knew 
how hard it was to stay sober, struggling with the pain he felt after 
the breakup. So he decided to erase his whole memory, using drugs to 
forget everything that bond him to reality. He built a whole new 
universe in which he didn't feel the urge for her love, her presence. 
They were occasionally meeting on the street and she was dying inside 
as she saw him he was dying on the outside trying to kill his mind. But 
he didn't care anymore. About anything at all. "You fucked me up" he 
once said to himself, "but you did a terrible job. It's my turn to 
finish what you started". Now he was able to see how right he was, as 
he was laying there, in that bed, inside the small jail cell. 

There was this guy who struggled hard to earn for a living. His job was
really unpleasant and dangerous too. But it was worth it, as he had a 
wife that he loved and he would've done anything for her. One morning 
he woke up late for work, rushed to check in for his lap, dressed in 
his uniform and went for a routine check. As he opened the door at cell 
number 6, he went down in his boots. The mattress was ripped, a thin 
piece of material was missing from it, and he recognized the same type 
of material knotted to the window bars and around a youngster's neck. 
He went to report the event to the other shift. The other cop was just 
standing there, with a piece of paper in his hand. "He didn't eat, 
drank no water, he only asked for some paper and a pen. Here, this is 
what's left" he said. 

"I loved her. It took me a whole lot of time to realize that my life's
pointless from now on, as it was since we broke up. Whoever's reading 
this, if you love someone, do anything you can for that person. We're 
all born with half a soul, with the other's name on it. On my piece of 
soul, her name's written in pure blood and death now. Tears won't help. 
Drugs won't help. You can't drink this pain away. I only have one 
option left. For you, there are two. Love, or see you later."


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