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Rainbow Rings (standard:romance, 588 words)
Author: RainbowGirlAdded: Sep 20 2000Views/Reads: 3996/2327Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A play about being gay in the average american high school in the average american town.

There is a spot light on the center of the stage, Dave stands in the
center of it. The rest of the stage is black 


Dave:		This is the story of the lives of four teens. There are four main
characters in my coming out story. My team mate and best friend, 
Foster, my ex-boyfriend, Kevin, his boyfriend, Matt and my self, Iím 
Dave. My coming out story takes place at Lake Forest Academy, a typical 
American rural high school.   Before the story begins I should give you 
some background. My friend Foster and I are football jocks. Foster is 
straight, homophobic and anti-gay. I am gay and what is commonly known 
as a closet case. Kevin is the boy I had a relationship over the summer 
with. Kevin is openly gay as is his new boyfriend Matt. 

Scene 1: The Hall 

The stage fades to black. A bell rings and the lights go up as students

Foster:		Well, I had a great summer, I hooked up a few times. 

Dave:		(nonchalantly) Cool, my summer was interesting as well. 

Foster:		I heard that a couple of fags are coming to the school this

Dave:			I pity them. 

Dave and Foster socialize with there team mates and friends until Matt
and Kevin walk in holding hands. 

Kevin:		Welcome to lake forest academy. 

Matt:		This should be fun. Could you loosen your grip a little, you are
hurting me. 

Boy 1:		Fag! 

Boy 2:		Homo! 

Foster:  	AIDS cures fags! 

Girl 1:		Thank G-d for AIDS! 

Jock:		Fags burn in hell! 

Teacher:	Calm down, live and let live. 

Dave:		(calmly) They will get what they deserve. 

Girl 2:		They should wear a symbol to tell the world that they are gay. 

Boy 3:		They do, see the rainbow rings around their necks, only gay
people wear them 

Jock 2:	I think it should be written on their foreheads. 

Uncomfortably, Kevin and Matt walk to their locker. The bell rings and
the students rush off to class. Kevin and Matt share a brief kiss 
before exiting the stage. 

Scene 2: The Secret 

The lights on the stage fade up to reveal a class room with eight
students, including Kevin and Dave. 

Teacher:	For homework read in The Scarlet Letter the chapters titled:
The prison door, the market place, the recognition and Hester at her 

The bell rings and the students leave the stage, Dave and Kevin linger. 

Kevin:		Well, how have you been? 

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