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Keep It In The Family (standard:romance, 952 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Apr 18 2022Views/Reads: 243/94Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Molly starts a new job and gets asked out by the person who she is assigned to work with. But he forgets to mention something, leaving Molly to seek revenge!

Molly had just started a new job at a supermarket in town. Was she
looking forward to her first day at work? She wasn't so sure. She just 
hoped that everyone she had to work with would be friendly. 

After she had been to see the manager, she made her way to the shop
floor to begin her duties, and there he was – blue-eyed and gorgeous. 
Then she found out that they would actually be working together. while 
working, she couldn't keep her eyes off him, but he wasn't going to be 
interested in her – not with his looks. He could get anyone to go out 
with him. That was until she was making her way home. 

‘Hi,' he said, just after he had caught up with her as she was heading
to the bus stop. 

‘Hi, Luke. I've enjoyed working with you today,' she said to him. 

‘Yeah, it's been fun. Can I ask you something?' he said, having a good
idea what her answer would be. 

‘Course you can. You can ask me anything you like.' 

‘There is this dead good film on at the Odeon. Do you fancy coming to
see it with me, tonight?' 

She looked at him amazed. Where had this come from? The best-looking boy
she had seen in a long time, if ever, and here he was, asking her out. 

‘Dunno. I was thinking of staying in and washing my hair,' she replied
in a casual manner. 

‘OK,' he answered, just before he began to walk away. 

‘Hang on,' she shouted to him before he was out of sight. 

He turned and headed back towards her. 

‘I'm free tomorrow night, though,' she said to them as he got closer. 

‘Fine,' he answered. ‘I'll meet you outside the Odeon at 6.30.' 

The next day came, but it was Luke's day off, so she wouldn't see him
until that evening and boy, she couldn't wait. 

Later that day, after Molly had finished her shift, she hurried towards
home. She was meeting Luke at 6.30, so by the time she got home, she 
would only have an hour in which to get her tea, get changed, and then 
head towards the bus stop. But she knew she would manage it in time, so 
she wasn't worrying. 

Once she was outside the Odeon, she saw Luke, waiting. 

‘Hi,' she said to him as soon as she got by to where he was standing. 

‘Hi,' Molly. Looking forward to the film?' he replied just as they were
beginning to make their way inside.' 

‘Yeah, I've been looking forward to it all day.' 

But while watching the film, he couldn't keep his hands off her. She
felt like she was sitting next to an octopus. She was beginning to 
wonder what type of girl he thought she was. 

Once the film had finished she didn't hang around. She told him she had
to hurry to catch the last bus, which was a lie, but he wasn't to know 

The next morning Molly got to work. She never said a word to Luke. 

‘Hey, Molly, what is wrong?' he asked her. 

‘Nothing. Go away,' she answered. 

Later, she saw him chatting with another member of staff up – a girl
called Rose. She couldn't believe it. Then on the way home, he came up 
to her. 

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