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Who Needs A Job, Anyway? (standard:drama, 1174 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: May 29 2022Views/Reads: 233/105Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hannah is in trouble. She is being chased by a store detective. When she is brought before the manager of the shop she stole from, she is in for one big surprise!

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‘He goes out every Friday evening, and I reckon he doesn't come back
till late. I bet it is like an Aladdin's cave inside.' 

‘Yeah, OK, count me in,' Hannah answered sounding reluctant to get

Hannah got inside the supermarket, got changed and took her position on
the shop floor, but while working she began to have second thoughts 
about Kylie and her little schemes. They had a habit of going wrong, 
and Friday was only a few days away. 

When the Friday evening did come Hannah made her way into town. Thanks
to Uncle George she no longer had to live in a hostel. Her uncle owned 
a flat in town that he rented out and fortunately for her it was 

When she arrived in town, she waited ages. Where was Kylie? Then Hannah

'Hi, babes, sorry I'm late. I ran into this boy. he couldn't resist my
beautiful looks, so he insisted on taking me for a drink.' 

Hannah wanted to laugh. What beautiful looks? kylie didn't have any. 

They then made their way towards the house they had planned to rob, but
when they got there, where were the open windows? Hannah couldn't even 
see one. 

‘Where's the open windows?' she asked Kylie, sounding confused. 

‘There ain't any.' 

‘What do you mean, there ain't one? How we gonna get in?' 

‘With this of course,' replied Kylie, producing a crowbar from the
inside of her jacket. 

‘You gonna break in?' 

‘Why do you think I've got this crowbar in my hand?' 

‘You are mad. We'll finish up in the police station if we get court.' 

‘Well, it won't be the first time, will it? Shut up and follow me.' 

The two girls made their way up the drive towards the house, then
sneaked round the back. Kylie smashed a pane of glass in a door with 
the crowbar and in they went. 

‘It does look like an Aladdin's cave in here. I was right after all,'
Kylie said as she had a good look around. 

‘Shouldn't we turn the lights off?' Hannah asked as the two girls kept

‘What's the point. He ain't exactly got any neighbours. Nobody knows we
are in here.' 

But as they kept searching, the girls heard footsteps. They ran towards
the backdoor, but Kylie slipped and couldn't get away, leaving Hannah 
to run for her life. 

Hannah returned back to her flat exhausted. She was terrified. If Kylie
had been taken in by the police, she just hoped she hadn't mentioned 
the fact that Hannah was with her. 

Next morning Hannah arrived at the supermarket. She was so nervous as
she went to start her duties, but as she went to start them, she was 
called to the office. That was it; the game was up. 

‘Yes, Uncle George. You wanted to see me?' 

‘A new girl is starting today, and I want you to show her the ropes.' 

‘Yeah, OK.' Replied Hannah, breathing a sigh of relief. 

Hannah made her way to the canteen to meet the new girl. But when Hannah
stepped inside the canteen, she had a shock. 

‘What the bloody hell are you doing here?' 

‘Hi, Hannah. It seems that house we broke into last belongs to your
Uncle George. You could have mentioned it!' 

‘How was I to know he lived there? We didn't get reunited till the other
day. Anyway, how come you ain't in the nick?' 

‘Dunno. For some weird reason, he offered me a job instead of shopping

Hannah walked out of the canteen, followed by Kylie, and into the path
of her uncle. 

‘Didn't get up to any mischief last night, did we, Hannah.? He said to
her as the two girls were making their way to start their duties. 

‘Me get into mischief, Uncle George. Would I do such a thing?' she
answered with a look of sarcasm as she carried on walking towards the 
steps which would lead her onto the shop floor.

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