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Who Needs A Job, Anyway? (standard:drama, 1174 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: May 29 2022Views/Reads: 163/64Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hannah is in trouble. She is being chased by a store detective. When she is brought before the manager of the shop she stole from, she is in for one big surprise!

Hannah could feel the rapid beat of her heart. But she couldn't stop.
She had to get away. Then someone grabbed her by the shoulder, bringing 
her to a halt. 

‘I think you had better come with me, Miss,' said the person who had
stopped her. 

It wasn't the first time she had been caught shoplifting, but she had to
eat; she had nothing. She didn't have a proper place to stay – only a 

Hannah was escorted back to the store, fearing the worst, but once
inside the manager's office she was greeted with a friendly smile. 

‘Hello, Hannah,' he said to her. ‘What have you been up to?' 

‘Uncle George, what are you doing here?' 

‘I'm the store manager.' 

‘So, are you going to let me off, then? Or are you going to get some
sort of pleasure out of prosecuting a member of your own family?' 

‘Oh, I'm not fetching the police into this, so you don't have to worry.'

‘That's a relief,' Hannah said just before getting up from a chair and
heading towards the door. But as she reached the door, she was called 

‘Not thinking of going anywhere, were you?' her uncle asked her. 

‘Yeah, I'm out of here.' 

‘I don't think so.' 

‘But you said you weren't going to call the police?' 

‘I'm not, Hannah. I'm going to give you a job.' 

Was she hearing things? She had just been caught shoplifting and instead
of waiting for a police officer to arrive, she had just found out that 
she had been offered a job and would be starting it the following 

Hannah left the supermarket and made her way to the park. She needed
time to think. She was already on bail for one shoplifting offence. She 
was only given bail on the condition that she didn't leave the hostel 
she was staying at. And now here she was being offered a job. At least 
it would be better than getting a prison sentence, which is what she 
would be looking at if she got found guilty of the offence she was on 
bail for. They were bound to give her a lighter sentence if she had a 
job, even more so if she had her uncle as a character witness. So maybe 
things weren't turning out so bad after all. 

Next morning Hannah got out of bed, got herself ready and began the walk
to her new job. But as she was approaching the supermarket, she heard: 

‘Hey, Hannah, over here quick.' 

‘Kylie, what you are doing around here?' 

‘Looking for you, of course. ‘I've found this place on the other side of
town. The idiot who lives there has got a habit of leaving the windows 

‘How do you know?' 

‘Been casing the joint, ain't I.  on, Hannah, this geezer is loaded.' 

‘But I've got to go to work.' 

‘Work? Who needs work when we can make some easy dosh?' 

‘So, when you thinking of robbin' this place?' 

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