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My Cousin (standard:romance, 1240 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Jun 12 2022Views/Reads: 98/52Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jemma hadn't seen he boyfriend for ages. He wasn't even answering her calls or text messages. Then she found out he was seeing someone else, so, with the help of her cousin, she decided to get her own back on him.

Jemma couldn't understand what was going on. She hadn't seen Darren for
ages. He wasn't even answering her calls, or texts for that matter. It 
was as though he didn't want to know her anymore. She was so upset. 
Then making her way home, she saw one of her friends. 

‘Hi, Claire. How's it going? Have you seen anything of Darren?' 

‘Oh, didn't you know? He is going out with that Britney.' 

‘You mean the one in the supermarket, who thinks she is God's gift to

‘Yeah, that's her.' 

Jemma was even more upset making her way home. She hated Britney. She
was such a horrible person. Why did he have to pick on her to go out 
with? She was going to get even with her if it was the last thing she 

After getting home from work, she went to her cousin's house. 

‘Hi, Liam, you OK?' she said to him once he had opened the door to her. 

‘Yeah, I'm fine. So what do you want? I only see you when you want

‘Want you to do me a favour, don't I?' 

‘I hope you don't want to lend any money. I haven't got any.' 

No, it's not money I want, babe. I want you to do me one tiny favour.' 

‘What is it this time? I remember ending up getting into trouble last
time I Did you a favour.' 

When she told Liam what she wanted him to do, he protested strongly, but
Jemma managed to sweet-talk him around. Then she carried on her way. 

The following day, Liam walked into the supermarket, where Britney
worked. He knew her from school, where he had had a huge crush on her, 
but he never let on and she never knew. 

‘Hi, Britney, are you OK?' 

‘Liam, isn't it? Blimey, I haven't seen you since we left school. What
have you been up to?' 

‘This and that,' he replied, going weak at the knees. She was still
attractive, even more so now that she was a few years older. ‘I'm 
working at that cardboard box factory now.' 

‘You mean the one down by the canal? Used to be that old wreck of a

‘That's the place. Mind you, it's all been done up now; not like it was
when we were young.' 

‘Yeah, I know,' replied Britney. ‘We used to bunk off school and hang
around there, smoking and talking away like we hadn't got a care in the 

‘I remember it well. I remember it used to be safe down there. No

‘Yeah, until the headmaster got on to it, and they were down there every
five minutes, looking for school kids playing truant.' 

‘Yeah, fun day, hey?' 

Liam spent ages talking to Britney. He was supposed to be at work, but
he had told his boss that he had to be at the dentist's before three 
o'clock, and like a fool, the boss believed him. 

After talking to Britney for a while, he looked at her - those golden
eyes - looks to die for, and he had to ask her a question. He had spent 

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