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Fancy Seeing You Here (standard:romance, 1162 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Jun 20 2022Views/Reads: 690/456Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Rosie runs into her friend Emily. Emily tells Rosie about this boy who likes her and wants to go out with her. Rosie doesn't believe Emily. Then something amazing happens, even after Rosie and Emily fall out with each other.

Rosie was just about to make her way to work when she heard the trill of
her phone. 

‘Hi, it's me, the voice said after Rosie had answered. 

‘Oh, Emily, I hope it is not important? I'm on my way to work.' 

‘So you don't want to know what I've heard, then?' 

‘Go on, I'll keep talking to you as I rush for the bus, but I'm late
already, and you know what my boss is like when it comes to 
timekeeping. He's worse than my dad and that is saying something. So, 
go on, what do you have to tell me?' 

‘It's about Ryan.' 

Hearing Ryan's name soon got Rosie's attention. 

‘What about him?' 

‘Well, according to Lee, Ryan fancies you, and is going to ask you out.'

‘Yeah, of course, he is, Emily. Anyway, why should I believe you and
that boyfriend of yours? You are always trying to wind me up. Well, 
this time I'm not falling for it.' 

But the next day, as Rosie was making her way to work, she happened to
see Ryan on the other side of the road, so she crossed over to him. She 
wanted to see what his reaction would be. 

‘Oh, hi, Rosie. You OK?' 

‘I'm fine. I can't stop, I'm on my way to work. My boss is a stickler
for punctuality.' 

‘OK,' he replied. ‘But do you mind if I ask you something before you

So he was going to ask her out, but what was her answer going to be?
Maybe it was time to play hard to get. 

‘Ask away,' she replied. 

‘I was just wondering if there if any jobs were going in that
supermarket you work at.' 

So, he wasn't going to ask her out. She was annoyed - that annoyed she
never bothered answering. She just carried on her way to work. 

After work, she made her way home. She had her tea and then went up to
her room. While in her room she phoned  Emily. 

‘Thought you said Ryan was going to ask me out,' she said to Emily, once
Emily had answered her phone.' 

‘Well, according to Lee he was.' 

‘Yeah, that worthless boyfriend of yours never gets anything right.' 

‘Don't you talk about him like that?' 

‘I'll talk about him how I like,' Rosie said before ringing off without
saying goodbye. 

She was furious. But she had just had enough. She never liked Lee at the
best of times, and why did Emily want to go out with him? He was 
bone-idle, wouldn't work and spent too much time in the pub drinking. 
With her looks, Emily could have got anybody and she had to pick him to 
go out with. 

Rosie decided to go to bed early. She ended up crying herself to sleep. 

The next morning, when it was time to get up, she felt like staying
where she was, but if she didn't turn up, that boss of hers would be on 

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