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Out of One Job and into Another (standard:romance, 1246 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Jul 14 2022Views/Reads: 375/209Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Chloe is getting fed up with her job. The manager of the supermarket she works at is always having a go at her, so she goes after another job, and to her surprise, she is offered it. But there is an even bigger surprise in store when she goes to hand in h

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‘Yeah, OK.' 

Once in town, they went into Starbucks and had a good chat and a laugh.
She nearly forgot to ask his name - it was Ben. He seemed cool. He 
didn't have a care in the world. He was easygoing. 

Once out of Starbucks, they said their goodbyes, but they did promise to
meet each other the day after. 

When Kylie got home, her mobile trilled away. 

‘Chloe speaking,' she answered. 

‘Hey, Chloe, it's me, Sarah.' 

‘Any news?' 

‘Yeah, you've got an interview tomorrow.' 

‘What time?' 


‘I'm supposed to be at work at that time. I'll just have to bunk off.' 

The next morning, Chloe got out of bed, drew back the curtains and
thought what a beautiful day it was. She was hoping she was going to 
get rid of the grumpy manager once and for all. She was going to party 
all night long if she did. 

Later, Chloe started to make her way into town. First, she was meeting
Ben. They were going to a cafe to get something to eat, then they were 
going to the rival supermarket, where he would wait outside while she 
went in for the interview. 

Once in town, Ben was waiting patiently. It wasn't her fault she was
late. That bus. It never did turn up when it was supposed to. 

‘You OK?' he asked when she got close to him. 

‘Yeah, I'm fine. Today is the day I'm going to get rid of that manager
for once and for all.' 

‘What happens if you don't get the job at the other place?' 

‘I will get that job even if I have to beg for it.' 

‘You can't be that desperate, surely?' 

‘Course, I am.' 

They came out of the cafe after they had had their meal, but Chloe
didn't appear to be as hungry as she thought. She was starting to get 
an attack of the nerves. But she wasn't going to let it get the better 
of her. 

Once outside the supermarket, Ben went and sat on a bench while Chloe
went in for her interview. Sarah showed her to the office and when she 
got inside, she had a shock. 

‘Hi, Chloe. It's been a long time. How's your mum?' 

‘Yeah, she's fine. You worked as a cleaner with my mum and now you are
the manager of a large supermarket. Wow!' 

‘That's what becomes of hard work, Chloe. I didn't want to be a cleaner
for the rest of my life. Have you worked on checkout before?' 

‘Yes,' she lied. 

'I've known you since you were born, Chloe. I'll take a chance and give
you a job, but if you let me down, you are out of that door faster than 
you came in. Understood?' 

‘Yes, Marion.' 

‘It's Mrs Stevens to you, while we are working.' 

Chloe had got the job, and it was so easy, but she'd have to come clean
about working on a checkout. All she had done at the other place was 
fill shelves. 

Chloe ran out of the supermarket and dragged Ben off the bench he was
sitting on. 

‘What's got into you?' he asked her. 

‘I've only got that bloody job, ain't I?' 

‘That's great news.' 

‘We are off celebrating tonight. Oh. I've just got one more thing to

‘What's that?' 

‘Tell that boss of mine what he can do with his rotten job.' 

‘Can I come with you?' 

‘If you like.' 

They both walked into the supermarket and there he stood, thinking he
was God's gift to the food industry. But as they got near to the 
manager, a strange look came to Ben's face. 

‘Hello, Dad,' Ben said to him. 

Was she hearing right? He was Ben's dad? This was taking some believing.
She didn't bother to tell him what he could do with his rotten job; she 
just turned around and walked off. 

‘Hey, Chloe, I thought we were going out later, to celebrate?'Ben said
after he had run after her. 

‘We were until I found out you are related to him. You might turn out to
be just like him, and that is the last thing I need. Trust me!' she 
said before walking out of the supermarket door.

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