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Out of One Job and into Another (standard:romance, 1246 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Jul 14 2022Views/Reads: 571/349Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Chloe is getting fed up with her job. The manager of the supermarket she works at is always having a go at her, so she goes after another job, and to her surprise, she is offered it. But there is an even bigger surprise in store when she goes to hand in h

It was just another Monday. What a dull day Monday was - that's what
Chloe was thinking, but she had to go to work. She'd been late twice 
over the last couple of weeks. Her boss was getting angry. Mind you, 
when hadn't he got angry? 

Once she had had her breakfast, Chloe slipped on her jacket and left the
house and headed to work. She felt like turning back around and going 
back to bed. That would make Grumpy, her boss, happy. He'd begin to 
have the satisfaction of sacking her. Well, she wasn't going to give it 
to him. 

‘Late again, Miss Jackson!' 

‘Only by a couple of minutes, Mr Braithwaite.' 

‘I think you need a new watch, Miss Jackson. You are thirty minutes

‘Oh, sorry, it probably needs a new battery. I do apologise.' 

She carried on to her locker to get her uniform, then it was off to the
shop floor to start work - that was if Grumpy didn't bother again. 

When her lunch break came, Chloe had an idea - she had a friend who
worked in another supermarket. She was off to visit her to see if there 
were any jobs available. She couldn't stand old Grumpy a minute longer. 
She wished someone higher up would sack him and kick him up the 
backside for good measure. 

Chloe arrived at the rival supermarket and happened to spot her friend
filling a shelf with cans of food. 

‘Hey, Sarah, you got a minute?' 

‘Yeah, what's up? Has that grumpy manager sacked you, yet?' 

‘Not yet, but I think he would love to if he had the chance.' 

‘I bet you have come to ask me if any jobs are going in here?' 

‘And you are going to say no after I have asked you?' 

‘There is one.' 

‘What sort of job is it?' 

‘On the checkout.' 

‘Put a word in for us?' 

‘See what I can do.' 

Chloe felt happy as she was leaving the shop. She was going to get rid
of that miserable manager, even if it was the last thing she did. 

Once out of the shop, Chloe couldn't be bothered to go back to work. She
couldn't face another day in the place while that manager was around. 
Life was sweet until he turned up. The last manager was so nice, but he 
had health issues and had to leave. The next thing  - the grumpy one 
turned up and life at work hadn't been the same since. 

Chloe later found herself in the park. She took a seat on a swing and
just thought about life in general - until this boy turned up. 

‘You look unhappy,' he said to her. 

‘You'd be unhappy if you had a boss like mine. He's horrible. I wished
he'd leave.' 

‘He can't be that bad?' 

‘Are you serious? I bet even his wife can't stand the sight of him. And
she is as miserable as he is. I saw her once, at a staff party. She 
could turn milk sour. At least they were meant for each other. Fancy 
coming to town? You can buy me a coffee at Starbucks if you like.?' 

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