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When Is It Okay to Be Snarly? (standard:humor, 916 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Aug 07 2022Views/Reads: 151/79Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sometimes people just need to hear the truth.

Normally, whatever normal means, I don't get agitated by many things. I
can keep my cool under the most bizarre circumstances. Nothing gets 
under my skin, and I can take everything with a grin. 

I can't remember the last time I lost my temper and got mad. I've been
married for over 50 years, so I have experienced everything that I 
possibly can experience. After making it through these many years of 
marital bliss, I can handle anything. 

My week was going rather well, and I was close to completing my projects
for the week. Then about halfway through the week, things began to go 
awry. I was getting behind on my projects, and I didn't think I would 
ever catch up. 

I like to have my work done on time, and I work very hard to do just
that. But for some reason, I lost the rhythm of my work, and it wasn't 
going like I would like it to go. So I must say, I was getting agitated 
for the first time in a long time. 

It was a moment of frustration as I tried to unwind from some of the
problems that had developed in my projects. In the middle of that, the 
telephone rang. 

For a moment, I thought of not answering the phone and just letting it
ring. If it was something important, they would leave a message, and I 
could get back to them. 

For some reason, my autopilot kicked in, and without much thought, I
answered the phone. 

“The warranty on your car is just about to expire,” the person on the
phone said. Then he began the long speech about what he could do to 
renew my auto warranty. 

When I came to, I realized it was some kind of a scam, so I told him I
wasn't interested and then hung up the phone. 

It wasn't going very well, and I couldn't straighten out the problem,
but I thought I was close. It took me much longer, and I didn't know 
what else to do. 

Then the telephone rang again. I tried not to answer, but in my state of
mind at the time, I wasn't in control, and I automatically answered the 

The person on the phone was introducing me to my updated Medicare
options. At first, I couldn't follow what he was talking about. 
Instead, my mind was focused on the projects I was working on. 

According to the person on the phone, all I had to do was answer a few
questions, and they could sign me up for additions to my Medicare at no 
cost to me. 

I replied as calmly as possible and told him I was not the least bit
interested in what he had to offer. Then I hung up the phone and went 
back to my job. 

It took me a few moments to get back into my routine and sort out some
problems I was having. I still couldn't figure out what was wrong. 

Then the telephone rang. Again! 

At this point, my agitation level was beginning to rise. It's been a
long time since I've experienced this kind of thing. 

As I answered the phone, the person on the other end asked me a whole
lot of questions about my health. Do you have diabetes? Do you have 
arthritis? Do you have pain in your back? And he went on and on and on. 

I asked why he was so interested in my physical well-being, and he said
that it was part of Medicare and he wanted to ensure I had all the 
coverage I deserved. 

“Why are you calling me now?” I said as angrily as I could control. 

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